The Ukrainian diplomat in Geneva told about Russian aggression

End of the conflict in the Donbass will not be visible, while Russia continues to transfer troops and weapons, as well as support fighters. This was stated by Deputy foreign Minister Sergey Kyslytsya at a UN session on human rights in Geneva (Switzerland), the press service of the Ministry.

He stated disregard by Russia of the Minsk agreements.

“The end of conflict will not be visible until Russia will not stop the malicious practice of supply on uncontrollable the Ukrainian power territories of the Luhansk and Donetsk regions militants, ammunition and heavy weapons used for the shelling of civilian infrastructure and population,” reads the statement.

Also, the diplomat special attention is focused on long gross violation of human rights in the occupied Crimea, the persecution of the Crimean Tatars.

“The improvement in human rights in the Crimea is possible only under the full consolidation of the international community and the ongoing political pressure on the state occupation of Russia”, – said the Sorrel.

In turn, the UN high Commissioner for human rights Z. R. al Hussein, expressed serious concern at the continued violation of the Minsk agreements and, in this context, the intensification of hostilities on the frontline, using heavy weapons. He stressed that attacks affecting the civilian population.

He also expressed concern about the situation of violation of human rights in Crimea, especially in the cases of the Crimean Tatars.