The confrontation between Russia and the United States in the skies over the Baltic

Often occur air collision between Moscow and Washington. These two powers oppose each other along a new iron curtain stretching from the Baltic States, where sides accuse each other of provocative maneuvers of the aircraft to the Syrian front, where the Americans shot down on the eve of the drone, which belonged to the forces supporting the regime.

In Syria between Russia and the United States is oposredovanno confrontation, which is not getting less dangerous. The Russian authorities have many times repeated their position that Moscow remains the legitimate government of Assad, and the US violating Syrian sovereignty to its military presence. It is, says Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Mikhail Bogdanov, “totally illegal” because “there is no resolution of the UN Security Council, no request from the Syrian authorities,” which could authorize the deployment of us troops.

Russia and the United States each day come into confrontation with each other, and the prospect of rapprochement hoped for trump, becoming increasingly remote. On 20 June, an American F-15 shot down a drone in Iran. He belonged to the forces supporting the Assad regime, and was in the air near the border with Jordan. “It was a measure of self-defense, the drone was shot down because he was considered a threat,” he said at the Pentagon. Undoubtedly, we are dealing here with a case which can dangerously aggravate relations between the United States, supporting some of the rebel fighters in Syria, and the Kremlin supporting the current regime.

This collision occurred a few days after the angry statements made by Moscow on Monday, June 19. Then the Kremlin — after American F-15 shot down a Syrian bomber — announced the termination of cooperation with the U.S. side in the framework agreement on flights over Syria, and that fighters and drones belonging to coalition forces in the sky to the West of the Euphrates, are potential targets for the Russian armed forces in Syria.

In response to the question whether he was not afraid that the Syrian crisis could lead to open conflict with the US, Putin’s press Secretary was limited to the words “no comment.” A few hours later, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres (Antonio Guterres) is a little cooled the ardor of both sides: “I am very concerned, he said, calling on Moscow and Washington to remain calm, because such cases are very dangerous”.

He talked about the downed drone. The same evening, after the Treasury Department announced the tightening of sanctions against Moscow over the war with Ukraine, which caused a sharp response from Russian foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and his statement about the “Russophobic obsession” Americans — there was a message about another incident in the air between Russians and Americans. This time the action unfolded in the Baltic States. There, NATO and Russia compete in the question of military equipment. According to the Pentagon, Monday, June 19, the su-27 with a red star flew a few meters away from the plane Rc-135 with the American insignia. The Pentagon called it “unsafe” maneuver.

The Russian side believes that to blame the Americans: the su-27, according to Moscow, intercepted two reconnaissance aircraft, and one of them, heading for the airspace of Russia, tried to approach the fighters of Moscow, making “provocative voyage”.