Universal Declaration for natural persons to be entered.

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine does not intend to initiate the introduction of compulsory Declaration of income and expenses for individuals. this was stated by Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groisman.

“It was a permanent offer at each resolution in order to run the program, the system of Declaration of income. In projects of such decisions were, they were not argued by the government, that is, in fact, this system will not be implemented,” – said Groisman, speaking about the availability in the budget resolution in 2018-2020 paragraph on the introduction of General Declaration for individuals.

As reported, the draft budget resolution in 2018-2020 years the Cabinet was planned to determine the priority of introduction of General declaring of the income and expenditures of individuals and tax control with the use of indirect methods for compliance of income and expenses and further reduce payroll taxes.

We will remind, the Commissioner of the European Union on issues of European politicians of the neighbourhood and expansion Johannes Khan appreciated the e-Declaration in Ukraine.