Horoscope for June 4-10: Dev hits a rough patch in his personal life, and Scorpio it’s time to learn to live frugally

ARIES. You are charismatic, friendly, enthusiastic gush, the soul aspires to know this beautiful and fascinating world in all its diversity. The wider the range of interests, the better. Now, the basic spiritual values, religiosity is the most difficult transformation of worldview comes with a slip under bombing temptations of the evil one. His goal is to distract you from the truth and impose sham ideals. Do not give in and listen carefully to my own thoughts.

Try to live in harmony with themselves and the world around you, strengthen your love bond of marriage, they are blessed, the best companion you will not find.

The fate of the children, loved ones in the foreground. And don’t you dare press!

TAURUS. You have to rush between “want” and “need” between a rock and a hard place. Willing to handle various office tasks, left orders and earn money, they should invest for the benefit of family prosperity.

If the bar for career growth are limited, the business fades, so it is necessary for your evolution. Those programs worked.

Engage in the personal life, aruite the Foundation of the home of the citadel, she will need in the future. And do not ask fate brazenly what has not yet came. Wait humbly in the wings.

GEMINI. You have a “reincarnation”, is a radical change of spiritual values. Time to radically change yourself for the better, to awaken the creative “I”, to leave bad habits, dropping the chain all kinds of addictions that affect appearance. Update fashion closet, move a stylish “styling” and natural beauty will Shine!

Be curious, the world is an inexhaustible source of knowledge, inspiration.

Pious should podpisyvat, unfortunately, they sit on the hook at evil, and often spoil your nerves. Live in love and harmony, your job is to make everyone around me happy, to avoid a hostile confrontation.

CANCERS. Step into the shade, Shakespeares, until 21 June, the period of karmic records of the Heavens, life is given to the judgment of conscience.

Reconsider your actions over the past year, repent of mistakes and sins, and cleanse the spiritual temple, to pay off charity, sacrificial acts, charity. Work and health are interconnected, so if you get sick and, most likely, the reason is rooted in work, relationships in the service team, with employers. Here lurks the devil.

Want to be healed, to realize own ideas, to live in abundance — do not break God’s commandments, especially where you work.

LIONS. The romantic world of the deceptive, seductive. Control yourself, not ride on the left, there is a risk involved not the person who is in the true flavors of the heart. Reliable companions and allies is friends with whom relations are based on mutual interests and spiritual aspirations.

Take initiative steering wheel in hand, and dexterously guide the conjugal ship towards a common goal. Will make every effort to keep your partners happy in marriage. Because now they are very uncomfortable, you need to eliminate pride and to be transformed on all plans.

VIRGO. In the global life plans, business, careers launched the process of “reformatting” that will increase wealth, professional image will increase.

But, unfortunately, in your personal life black stripe, my abode will feel comfortable there negative atmosphere, draining precious power. Family problems can become a stumbling block everywhere, but to ignore them is contraindicated. Until the end of the year you are doomed to humbly carry this cross tests. Protect loved ones, going to sacrifice, because you have the same blood!

LIBRA. In society you are the hero-a guide, where business competence, professional competence and comprehensive knowledge are the Golden capital, and you own it! As you communicate more, make more connections with people of high spiritual culture, collaborate with distant regions. And remember: other people’s advice, suggestions — the saints, and his own “thoughts-racers” will lead to the path of degradation. Do not disclose them to anyone!

If romantic preferences are transformed into ashes, this is good, it is time to build relations of friendly unity.

SCORPIONS. Financial situation, reaction to Finance will directly affect the implementation of the global plans where the strange resources take on the leading role. Appetites should be tightly controlled to prevent abuse. Learn to live frugally, thriftily to distribute, so all was well, nobody’s interests are not affected. Going to overspend, they will run away from you!

To satisfy the desire to become financially independent is now extremely difficult. Do not grumble and do not envy the rich. At the critical moment will be sent everything you need. But give alms to the needy.

ARCHERS. Hide the sword. To war and that’s enough. Here your role is negative, compromises glorious image, sows discord. Ambitious opposition in the partnership is intended not to separate but to unite in a strong Union which rests on mutual interests, friendship, respect, love.

Be a diplomat, to take over rivals, competitors will not succeed. Action equals reaction. Communicate in a nice playful manner, respecting the opponent’s point of view, then the key to understanding find.

CAPRICORNS. You will be enthusiastic to work hard at work, to invest energy in business, to improve professionally. Business skills, natural talent is great, will do brilliantly.

Stick with official subordination, blistes with the boss, colleagues, but of the hidden share only with trusted others. Secrets do not blurt.

On the secret front where you karmic hostage to their own mistakes, fight carefully, satisfying other people’s demands. When ripe the relevant circumstances, will signal the service area, acting as a lever of balance.

Cherish work, creative work, and not spin secret intrigues. If you’re digging someone’s hole, they themselves will fall into it.

AQUARIANS. Life is a fun game where prizes of fate actors get high skill in drama and Comedy. Love to ascend to Olympus is easy. Fervently with all your heart love of the elect, but will do it with sincere affection, is difficult to predict.

Do not fall into the illusion, most likely you hang noodles on the ears, with hindsight about the benefits. But this does not mean that you have to pay in the same coin. To harness and drive — this is not your prerogative, and partner (for half a year). Give him the reins.

Generously communicate, don’t hold a grudge, your task is to preserve the purity of conscience, to develop spiritually, not to do anyone harm.

FISH. You are doomed to be torn between home and work. If household chores going round the head, with the household solid problem — you have to decide, because the forces are overflowing! The happiness of the family will come back like a boomerang.

A business career is a curse, do not rush headlong dive into this maelstrom. In fact, honey cakes attracts not an angel and wicked, pushing to abuses that will come to pay a painful price.

Relations “chief-subordinate”, “parents-children” has reached a critical edge… Please, help, compromise interests, to avoid cooling and destruction.