Chronicles of the Ukrainian expansion. The battle for indifferent

“Ukraine failed expectations” — everyone has their own. Sometimes it unites different groups.

For example, Russian Imperials and liberals are United in their attempts to make Kiev account.

Hope the first country is not justified fleeing from General civilization.

Hope the second one — that did not become liberal port.

And because the intonation of the teachings with other side of the border are painfully similar: it is reminiscent of the laments of parents who saw the child chess player, and take it, and go on drawing.

Ban social networks or visa the enclosure to cause the same wave of criticism. Like, instead of having to build a liberal “Noah’s ark” no Greek and Jew Kiev falls into the heresy of zapatilla. And where is liberty island? Where is the reform? Where, finally, the imperialism of the heart, is able to breathe life in the post-Soviet space?

But liberal critics of Russia don’t understand, what Ukraine is now engaged in a daily expansion. Itself within itself.


Because the whole history of Ukraine is the competition between the two projects: the Ukraine and the Ukraine. Initially, the main rival of the Imperial was ethnic.

Predominantly ethnic nationalism fought against the Bolsheviks and Communists, partisans in the woods and wrote books in exile. And only in recent years in place of ethnic Ukrainian project came a political project. The one that is not about blood and soil, and values.

Independence sounded different languages and end of names. In dobrobiti and volunteers left the people who sang childhood lullabies in Ukrainian. And all this gave rise to many a sense of wonder: when the whole country is in one night transformed from Imperial caterpillar in the liberal ideological tie. Social mobility has opened up Windows of opportunity swung open, the word has gained recognition as a political nation was born.

But the first impression is deceptive. Because society is like the ocean: any storms affect the upper 15 meters. Everything below remains intact even in the era of the tsunami.

Wave of mobilization has created a social pits pierces the thickness of daily inertia. In each region have volunteers and veterans, activists and caring. But around them continue to float those who don’t intend to change. Those who focused on the values of survival. Those for whom the refrigerator is more important than the flag.

And in that moment, the newborn Ukraine had to solve the second task. Which, perhaps not less ambitious than resistance to the aggressor. Namely assimilation indifferent.

God save the polar explorers

Indifferent do not go to the Maidan. Do not go to the volunteers. Don’t live in the future. They appreciate the inertia and habit, not ready to change and to change. They perceive themselves as the norm, and therefore assert that “all the same”. Mutual distrust had shattered them, and it is United.

All that lies beyond the boundaries of their personal square meters, is “foreign”. For them there is no collective good, and if it appears next, his attempt to quickly privatize.

For them the whole current war is a battle of two outside players, one of which is more or less familiar for the Soviet past. The vertical on which to recline. A boss who knows best. Paternalism, relieving from responsibility.

“Double them the results of alcohol and leave them as they are.” What is not a formula for everyday life, where too much pressing to think about the future?

And the other project wants to break the old and familiar. Tells about strange and complex. Requires responsibility and involvement. Makes you get out of the comfort zone and rejects nostalgia. This new project wants them to do efforts, which they are weaned and are not ready. Criticizing their past and present. Diagnosed and insists on treatment. In addition intrudes into the sphere of intimate, expanding the area of the state language and removing symbols of the past.

The first project is little. The second is Ukraine. Conductor of the first acts of Moscow. Conductor of the second part of Ukrainian society which is now in its third year struggling to privatize the state.

Evolution live

The battle for indifferent does not abate for three years.

New Ukraine born on the Maidan, leading the expansion into new territories. In the company towns and industrial centers. Trying to alter the vertical to the horizontal. Disaccustoms from faith in the magic of pike and changes in the saucer. Makes you get out of the comfort zone and talks about cause-effect relationships.

In addition, she has to fight with the old elites who are trying to mix the new with the old rhetoric of the schemes. And are less likely to want to give up their homes to those who climbs to the top of the social pyramid.

The main opponents of the new Ukraine — is inertia. Thinking and actions. Lifestyle and Outlook. Therefore the main debate is between “leave us alone” and “to live in the old way impossible.”

In addition to the field of social and missionary work remains the Kremlin, which is exactly the same ready to fight for the right to plunge Ukraine into suspended animation. But if in the past he tried to attack, but now forced to defend. And the ceiling of his ambition — to preserve the remnants of “ideological Ukraine”.

Unfolding before our eyes, perhaps the most ambitious project of post-Soviet space. Those who talk about procrastination with the reforms, simply underestimate the scale of the task. Have to fight with the top, which can’t, and Nizami, who do not want.

On the other side of the barricades — century habits. Tons of confidence. Hundreds of metres of inertia that permeate Ukrainian sea from the surface to the bottom.

In fact, Ukraine has over the years held the path that other countries take decades. To establish a new social standard. Agree on the norm.

To localize hostile and neutral to assimilate. It’s silly to blame Kiev that he became a missionary to the “outside” — because it all has to be a missionary inside.

The country was divided into those who make new, those who want to save the old and those who do not care. A good illustration of the fact that someone is rolling this world, and someone’s chasing me and shouting: “Where is this world heading?”

His side everyone chooses.