How to quit Smoking: simple tips

Today, may 31 is world no tobacco day. To get rid of this dependence is quite difficult.

How to quit Smoking to beat up yourself of an addiction, knows ivona.

1. Choose the right food.

Scientists asked 200 smokers to call the foods that worsen the taste of cigarettes. Of these, 19% said the taste of tobacco becomes unbearable when they eat dairy products. About 16% believe that cigarettes are incompatible fruits and vegetables. Another 14% of respondents believe that the taste of cigarettes spoil the juice and water.

And to deceive the appetite, which becomes simply brutal when they stop Smoking, always keep a dark chocolate bar. A piece of chocolate will not only dull the raging appetite, but also will support the vessels, cleansing them from bad cholesterol.

2. Take yoga classes.

Breathing exercises will be able to clean the lungs, and yoga exercises (asanas), for example, many well-known “corpse pose” will relieve tension and help you relax, freeing from thinking about a cigarette.

3. Give up coffee and alcohol.

At least do it at first, like quitting Smoking. Because these products tend to aggravate cravings for nicotine.

4. Create around itself a zone free from Smoking.

Ask your relatives not to smoke at home, and in your presence. Get out of the apartment things reminiscent of cigarettes, ashtrays, lighters, etc at work instead of smoke give yourself another vacation – eat an Apple, drink a Cup of green tea or take a stroll on the street.

5. Quit Smoking gradually:

  • take for habit not to smoke a cigarette completely, but with a big bull;
  • several times put off every next smoke break: before leaving the house, before coming to work, to dinner, etc.;
  • every time reaching for a cigarette, for a moment stop, think and otvette yourself the question: “why? Why am I doing this?”, and then please smoke;
  • reduce 1 cigarette per day (3 days/week) and promise yourself that you will quit when you get to one cigarette a day.

Even if these small tweaks don’t help you quit Smoking immediately, you still benefit.