Than are people who received the title of Hero of Ukraine: dreams of the combine and export experience abroad

Almost 19 years works and special services the Ukrainians say, awarding the high title of Hero of Ukraine. During this time the award was given to 432 people, of which the last three years — 146.

Most often in the list of Heroes you can meet the leaders of factories and enterprises, rectors of universities, deputies of different convocations, and famous names, among them Leonid Kravchuk, Bohdan Stupka, Valery Lobanovsky, Yana Klochkova.

In 2014 joined the list of heroes of “Heavenly hundred”, followed by dozens of soldiers killed in the Donbas. “Today,” found the Heroes of the people, who daily work to achieve high ranks, and figure out how the order has changed their lives. So, a milkmaid from the Sumy region due to the “heroic” pension helps the family financially, and be convinced combiner from under Kherson spent a “fee” on gas for the village.


The let Dnipro right back Vladimir Nikolaev — the only Ukrainian, who received the title of hero, thanks to the donation. For 40 years he managed to pass 531 liter of blood (including 237 liters of plasma), which, according to estimates of physicians, has saved more than 2000 lives. For the first time on transfusion station it came a schoolboy, and from 1976 visited here regularly, despite the age. Donor restrictions, and take blood from people only to 60, but even at 71 doctors allowed Nikolaev to sit in the donor chair.

“Last year, donated nearly 18 liters. Once a month, consistently come to the station of blood transfusion, the last time was in late February — says Vladimir Konstantinovich. I’m sure that the age is not a hindrance, the main thing — health and well-being, and I have this all right. Nice to know that my blood can help save someone’s life”.

By the way, for all the time the donor never took the proper reward, they say, young enough private Finance, and over time the charity has become a habit.

For an impressive donor reach Nikolaev received more than 20 awards, among which are the honorary donor of the USSR, the silver medal “Honoured donor of Ukraine” and the title of Hero of Ukraine, to which is attached the order of Powers. The highest award he received in 2006. “Like any normal person, I am pleased when I am awarded, it is important not so much the award itself, it’s nice to see that what you do does not go unnoticed, — said Vladimir Nikolaev. And essentially rewards there are no preferences do not give, because a few years ago, it was canceled, even for the Heroes of Ukraine. Therefore, even in the transport of the free ride only because of the pension certificate”.

Vladimir Nikolaev. Gave 531 a liter of blood and plasma


Poltavchanka Tatiana Joker is one of the three teachers-heroes, who taught in Ukrainian schools. After graduating from the local gymnasium and the pedagogical University, she devoted her life to the education of children in his native city, working since 1980 as a teacher of Ukrainian language and literature. In 2009, “for outstanding personal contribution to the development of education, implementation of innovative methods of learning” the teacher received the title of Hero of Ukraine, and to him and the order of Powers. But since then, says 67-year-old woman, in her life, nothing has changed: it still works in Poltava city liceum №1, where he also directs the literary Studio “the Wisp”.

“Eight years, in fact, passed in a tense work that does not stand still. I live by the motto “semper tiro” (in Latin — “always a student”. — Ed.). I love the teaching profession, every day we hasten to the children because they feel an incredible mutual energy of our souls,” — says Tatiana. “MOV” teacher teaches a special intensive technique, trying not only to teach students literacy, but also to develop their creativity, helping them to Express themselves.

The identity of the Hero of Ukraine with the order and star Tatiana miniature Joker keeps the house and does not wear a long time, they say, used to be able at least to work by public transportation drive for free, but now any advantage reward does not. “Except that cards from the presidents to the holidays get. Another practical use for me this title didn’t bring”, — says the teacher.

At the same time, the teacher is sure that her title requires to be always on top, holding the bar of superiority, due to which she received the Hero. Recognition of their labors Tatiana Joker believes the success of the students and proud of the fact that the results of testing on the Ukrainian language Lyceum took the 46th place among 10 000 Ukrainian schools. Pleased with the fact that the 120 disciples followed in the footsteps of highly decorated teacher, having mastered the profession of teaching.

“I love my job, strange as it may sound. Well, heroes are now on the front, I think they first deserve such titles. Although without a teacher one would not take place in this world” — smiling teacher.

Tatiana Joker. Fired 120 teachers and proud of the results of the VNO


Test pilot first class Antonov Sergey Troshin was the hero in 2011, receiving a “Gold Star” after numerous flights of ships, designed by Russian aircraft designers. The pilot says about the award humbly, saying that high rank is the merit of the whole enterprise, not just it.

“It is important that we recognize and remember about the existence in Ukraine the profession of test pilot. Our Antonov design Bureau gloriously unique aircraft that have been recognized in the world of aviation, — says Sergey Troshin. — Of course, in my practice there were cases that I bring a burning plane from the city. This award is a recognition of a great deed, because the work of a test pilot is already a feat. Earlier, when the aircraft only went on high speed, if the pilot was 40, he was already considered a hero.”

Despite the modesty, the track record and rich biography speak more eloquently than the hero. After graduating in 1984, flying school, eight years later, Sergei Troshin sat behind the Desk, but in the school of test pilots. To learn a new profession, the pilot decided just a month after the tragic death of his father, who worked aboard as an engineer at Antonov company.

“During the tests of the plane “Ruslan” has been a catastrophe. He died and I immediately left to go to school. I was not able either to stop or to encourage the flow, I never had a doubt in choosing a career,” says the pilot.

In the record of the Ukrainian hero — many jobs, including fighting fires in Portugal at the beginning of your career test, delivery of goods of the United Nations in Afghanistan in the early 2000s, when there was active fighting, and of course dozens of tests domestic “wings”.

“My job is not only to flying, I spent months unable to rise into the air. We work with designers as experts, discussing the issues of the appearance of the cockpit and the various systems,” says Troshin.

Favorite aircraft the pilot is not. “This is like asking a mother what her favorite child. I spent the test series airplanes and helped with the last Antonovsky developments. Now comes the An-132, I will participate in the tests, but not as lead pilot, because you have to have a conscience, you need and colleagues to give the opportunity to Express themselves,” smiles Troshin.

Award Sergei Mikhailovich pins to the jacket not often, mostly at the professional celebration. Kids test pilot proud father of a hero and try to follow his example. So, the eldest son Michael graduated from flight school and possibly become a test pilot. But daughters, 7 and 12 years, the profession has not yet chosen.

“Gold Star”. Emblazoned on the chest of the pilot only at celebrations

Sergey Troshin. School testers went in 1992


The village workers for all 19 years of the awards was celebrated infrequently. Often, awards were given to the leaders of the ranches and farms. 63-year-old Anatoly Lavrinenko — the only combine that can boast the title of Hero, which was received in 2001. Then, during the harvest, he harvested three-year rate of grain. The money paid in addition to the award, wanted to buy their own harvester, but instead held in his native novovoznesens’ke village of Kherson region natural gas, freeing villagers from having to buy coal to heat the stove in winter. “Now people in our village use gas”, — says Anatoly. By the way, the handy self-collected the tractor, which was used in the family farm.

The earth combine had worked for 34 years, from 2006 through 2010 was a member Vysokopolskoye district Council, and eight years ago he retired. Himself Anatoly about changes in life after 2001, he says reluctantly.

“All my life I worked as a mechanic, and a combiner. Now to buy some thing, you need to pay the price that the tractor is worth as much as the earlier plane,” says the man.

The order combine for pensions keeps in a closet, pinned to a jacket, however admits, now costume with the reward of not wearing. But the villagers of his Hero is not forgotten and even kept his photo at the Museum of the local school.

Being retired, the combine continues to engage in agriculture, cultivating his plot of land on which he grows barley, wheat, corn and sunflower. Have ordenonosnogo combiner — two adult sons. Sergey, lives in a nearby field, and the youngest, Ivan, together with his family lives in a small home and helps his father.

“The life of the father after receiving the award changed. It became even more respected, and even now it constantly ask for advice, — told the “Today” Ivan Lavrinenko. — I went in his footsteps, because from childhood was with him at the harvest. He began taking me into the field 12 years, so I know firsthand what a hot time for the old one. Was with the father in the harvest, even at night, because in the heat to work much harder.”

Army weekdays Lavrinenko, a senior spent in the Caucasus, where he served as a dog handler, but even years, have not lost their knowledge and recreation teaches cross-functional teams shepherd Irma. “She knows everything, very smart dog. Her father to train,” says the son of the combiner. But private processor Lavrinenko so did not buy, but still cherishes the dream of buying.

Lavrinenko (left). Working in the field and dreams of his own harvester


Milkmaid Peacock Shapovalenko from the village of Velyki vil’my, Sumy oblast, Hero of Ukraine was in 2001. Now 67-year-old woman recalls that this was the big surprise: in a normal day, came home the head of the agricultural firm where she worked, and announced the future awarding. Then a trip to Kiev and the order of the Powers that Peacock M. received from the hands of the then President Leonid Kuchma in the Mariinsky Palace.

To work on the farm Peacock Shapovalenko start in 14 years and during that time managed to become the record-holder and a local celebrity, managed to milk for a year about 6,500 liters of milk per cow. And since she had 30 cows, milk yield was about 200 000 litres.

“Now on the farm carried the milk and milkmaids serve twice more cows, and we do it all the milk was carried in buckets. I knew what their cows need better feed” — told us the Peacock Shapovalenko.

Learn from the experience to be convinced milkmaid came to the farmers from the neighboring districts and regions. Now the heroine is retired, and awards keeps in a safe under lock and key, but have not forgotten about it and often call for the holidays, and last year even organized a trip to Kiev for the concert to the independence Day of Ukraine. In such event the woman wears the order.

In the footsteps of the highly decorated milkmaids went and a daughter who is working in the barn. The woman decided to devote himself four grandchildren and two great-grandchildren, and happy to nurse the younger three year old granddaughter. Thanks to the “heroic” pension in 13 000 UAH milkmaid helped to buy the family two cars and to warm the house. But the officials, remembering her achievements, allocated money for repairs in Velyki vil’my kindergarten and roads.

Peacock Shapovalenko (with her husband). It is necessary 200 000 l of milk per year