A pack of imperialist dogs

Whoever said that anti-Russian sanctions will punish politicians for the annexation of Crimea and punish Vladimir Putin, spoke nonsense. The sanctions expand, deepen and focus. The same words were used in the decisions of the Central Committee of the Communist party of Czechoslovakia. Its members were many modern diplomats that have kept this way of thinking. In the words of comrade Joseph Dzhugashvili, known as Stalin, “who is not with us is against us”.

Diplomacy is never only two solutions to the problem. The current state of relations between Russia, Ukraine, Europe and the United States — the result of diplomatic work with big, to put it mildly, the gaps in knowledge.

Sergei Lavrov in diplomacy reminiscent of Diego Armando Maradona in football, who is considered the player of the century. Sergey Lavrov is a diplomat of the century.

The Czech diplomat and politician, štefan füle, former European Commissioner responsible for EU enlargement and neighbourhood policy, up to the level of the average national football League. Will try to provide him a place in the football club TJ “Druzstevni Machina”. It’s not far from banská Bystrica, there is a remarkable natural mineral water. But Sergei Lavrov and Stefan Fule are both graduates of the Moscow Institute of international relations (MGIMO).

Former European Commissioner füle wanted enlargement of the European Union by Ukraine. All European institutions have approached this is very simple: Ukraine is no longer in the interests of Russia and move into the sphere of the European Union. As we once wrote in the Russian newspaper “Izvestia”, Ukraine could be a member of the Eurasian economic Union, and a member of the EU. In international relations there are no two solutions to the problem: only Yes or only no. This is only possible with demagogues.

Economic sanctions are directed against Russia, have different roots, structure, mechanisms and objectives, in contrast to sanctions that were imposed against Iran or South Africa. On sanctions is always someone earns. When the United States imposed sanctions against Iran, earned an American businessman Marc rich. He was born in Holland under the name of Marcella David Reich. He founded the company Marc Rich&Co and, despite sanctions, traded Iranian oil, selling it to South Africa. She bought different raw materials. When tried to detain him, he fled to Switzerland. Today, Marc Rich&Co and Glencore is called is the largest oil trader in the world. Nickname rich true (in translation — “rich”). Shortly before the death of rich, his personal fortune reached 12.5 billion dollars.

Despite sanctions in the same year, Glencore bought the shares of the largest Russian oil company “Rosneft”. In Glencore nobody is interested in whether Rosneft’s branches in the Crimea or not. Mark rich entered the global oil market the practice of bulk purchase of oil at a one-day contracts. In professional language this is called a spot transaction. The newspaper the Economist wrote that this new product is a revolution in the oil market. Mark rich sold and steel sheets, and he was not interested in who owns a company — Alexander Retasu or Vladimir Machiara.

Sanctions against Russia introduced not only individual States but also international organizations. Some of the informal sanctions. At the European Central Bank senior managers is not recommended to travel to Russia on business. To go there, they can only as tourists.

If someone believes that sanctions have a negative impact, he’s right. The harm is primarily to the countries of the European Union, which lost markets forever. Thus on the Russian economy sanctions have a positive impact. In Russia there was a devaluation that has a positive impact on the state budget. The country has enough money and they do not have to borrow. The case of Russian energy companies doing well and their shares are quoted is wonderful. A friend of mine for two years earned on the Russian stock four times more than you’ve invested.

He said to me: “spring has Passed, summer came, the stock has risen — thanks to Vladimir Putin for that!” Strictly speaking, this is the redesigned version of the old Soviet slogan “spring has Passed, summer came — thank you for this Party!”.

Today in Russia recorded the lowest inflation, lowest prices. The Russian Central Bank failed to ensure that prices increased by only four percent. Alexei Meshkov, Secretary of state of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation (as in the original article — ed. ed.), in December last year said that sanctions have a positive impact on the Russian economy and reduce technological dependence of Russia from the European Union.

In Russia, the demand for domestic products. During a recent visit to Moscow, and the city in the suburbs I saw that the restaurants of Russian cuisine is experiencing a Renaissance. Another year or two and Russia will be independent in the field of food security.

Five years ago, the Russian cuisine was limited to the Soviet cutlets, potatoes and soup. A wonderful lunch was considered dishes made from imported products foreign recipes. In a year the Russian farmers and entrepreneurs have found an ally. He became the President Vladimir Putin, which banned the import of foreign food products.

Now experiencing a boom online store LavkaLavka.ru. There you can buy homemade sausage, eggs, vegetables and fruit. In the restaurants “White rabbit” in Moscow chef Vladimir Mukhin prepares modern dishes based on the pre-revolutionary recipes. The restaurant took the 23rd place in the ranking of world’s 50 best restaurants.

The current policy of the European Union, the United States and other countries that have imposed sanctions against Russia that can compare with the ideology of the cold war. I often buy old books. Most of all I like dictionaries. In 50-ies in the USSR was published “Philosophical dictionary”. The philosophical movement of pragmatism is at odds with Marxism, but representative of this school is “bloody pack of dogs of imperialism”. Today, this pack of dogs barking the imperialism of Russia.