What do you think the Ukrainian military and experts about the parade on Independence Day

This year the main event of Independence Day will be the parade, however, not all delighted with him.

As is known, President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has signed a decree on the celebration of the 26th anniversary of independence of Ukraine, which envisages, in particular, the military parade on Khreshchatyk and Independence square.

In turn, the Ukrainian military experts and comments “Apostrophe” disagreed whether so now Ukraine military parade in war.

Fighter 79 airmobile brigade Valery Kibinai, which at the parade last year was awarded the title of Hero of Ukraine: “I am sure that the parade is needed. When you sit in the front of the line and know that the capital is 100 thousand troops, feel supported, what, if anything, the reserve we have, it will fit and all will be well.”

A veteran of the war in the Donbass Edmond Sahakian: “This parade at the same time need not, and it is difficult to say more. On the one hand, the military parade under conditions of war, especially the like of which we are undoubtedly necessary. We have a very serious enemy, and the morale of both the Armed forces and the entire population of the country is very important. And any parade that demonstrates something new, strong, powerful, of course, affects morale. On the other hand, the army is desperately short of money, supplies, and against this background to conduct the parade is questionable. Would be better if the money spends on it, was put to something more useful. And to make a choice between these two points of view difficult.”

Military psychologist Andrew Osinchuk: “the Parade is a symbol of great responsibility with the state. Remember how the parade was presented by Igor Gordiychuk the title of Hero of Ukraine. It really raised the morale in the army. The parade is a symbolic summing up and setting goals for next year, for example, to introduce in the course of equipment, weapons and uniforms. The parade is held primarily for the military, but for all Ukrainians.”

Military expert Oleg Zhdanov: “we Have where to spend the money. On the agenda a million issues of national defense: the rearmament of the army, its staffing, as we again host the show. Even the fuel for the parade, you use a special with a high additive content, in order for the car not stalled, but it’s all a lot of money. By and large, the parade is money laundering. I was a member of the first military parade in Kiev, and I know that is a crazy cheating the money.”

He also noted that even if you hold the parade, the Ukraine at the moment is nothing to boast of people.

“What we want to show? The old Soviet technique, only painted? Of new models there is absolutely nothing, all we have is an upgraded Soviet weapons. For example, ATGM “Stugna” – a Soviet “Competition”, which was adopted by the Soviet Union in 1974. View the performance characteristics of “Competition”. Yes, it is partially upgraded, operated by laser beam, but it cannot see through fog, smoke screens. Shell “Alder” system MLRS “Smerch” – old Soviet design, which we have embodied in the metal. By the time of the collapse of the Soviet Union it was at the stage of design documentation, and we embody it in metal. MLRS “Verba” is the warhead from BM-21 “Grad” set on KrAZ, with a new guidance system. The domestic nothing”.

The Deputy Director of the Center for army, conversion and disarmament Michael Samus: “And do parades to show the new weapons? New military equipment made to show at exhibitions, and the purpose of the parade is quite different. If people are fighting, shedding blood for our country, so why not hold the parade?”.