Analysts are told how much campaign promises are performing MPs

84% pre-election promises of deputies is still not done. It on a press-conferences were reported by the Director, the chief editor of the analytical portal “Word and business” Catherine Pianina.

“Today we can record that 16% of pre-election promises of deputies was able to perform. 84% of pledges are still outstanding, and there we consider how those promises will never be fulfilled, obviously, and those promises that MPs may within two years still to run,” – said Pechenina.

“Of the total number of election promises – 1940 – completed 305. Still not done 1635 promises,” – said the expert.

In turn, the political scientist, the expert edition Valentine Smooth convinced that the reason for such performance is not so much in the electoral system, but in the political culture of citizens of Ukraine.

According to him, most of the unfulfilled promises connected with the “inadequacy of the expectations of the voters.”

According to experts, campaign promises, even if they are part of the election program is for politicians not the guide to action, and part of the election campaign.

We will remind, as of April 2017, the General level of responsibility of the current Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine was estimated at 27.2%: 86 promises, Ministers have failed, 150 made, and 315 are in the process of implementation.