The life of a Russian spy in EU

I had the opportunity to participate in security conference in Malta brought together MPs from all over Europe with one goal — to kick Russia. There was repeated the same words that in all evil in the world blame Putin, and that we must fight with the Russian propaganda. When I made a report, which criticized the American errors, I was immediately attacked by some members and one even screamed, calling me an agent of Moscow. So are the debates on the European forums. They call it anti-propaganda. However, experts call it Russophobia.

American crime and the European silence

In my speech I recalled how Europe likes to blame Russia for violations of international law, but is silent when it is right to violate the United States and other allies. Somewhere lost all self-criticism. I remember the American invasion of Iraq and the NATO intervention in Libya. Today in both countries the blood is poured out more often than before the intervention of the West. However, I paid special attention to current examples. First, as a consequence of Iraq and the us bombing of the Mosul killed a huge number of civilians. Why Europe is silent about it? During the liberation of Aleppo we accused the Russians of war crimes, and now suddenly the victims among the population are normal? Second, the bombing of Syria by the United States without the consent of the UN security Council is a violation of international law. Then how can we be OK with it? Thirdly, recently America bombed Syria mosque al-Gina, where he died, according to reports, 38 civilians. From Europe there was no response. Fourth, in Yemen unfolds the biggest humanitarian catastrophe of the 21st century due to the bombardment waged by Saudi Arabia with us support. And again Europe is silent. Fifth, Israel is occupying sovereign Palestinian territory, and it is also a violation of international law. Examples of European hypocrisy, you can easily find more.

My conclusion was this: we in Europe should be more consistent, and if we criticize someone for violating international law, we should not ignore allies. Otherwise, to talk about morality is not necessary. Our main goal should be to defeat the “Islamic state” (banned in Russia — approx. ed.), and in this struggle our interests coincide with the Russian… But then I was interrupted by a zealous German apparatchik of the European Parliament, stating that he would complain about me. I replied that he could not complain though to the Central Committee of the Supreme Council, but if I don’t get sent to the GULAG, I will continue to Express their position, because in Europe it’s still possible.

The real “roelofsen”

In this propaganda Russophobic atmosphere most amusing was that one of the main themes was the struggle of the European Union with a hybrid war and Russian propaganda. Just to remind you that this fight is as follows. If one of the European forums you say that the Americans do evil, for example, that they violate international law, then none of the media mainstream about it will tell. You can back up allegations with facts, you can argue anything you like. Will still be silence. Your words will give only those agencies that do not serve American interests. And your opinion will appear in the Russian media: sometimes it happens to me. Soon the EU will accuse you that, look, you quote a Russian, and then you serve them. You — Russian spy, and you need to be alert. What would you continue or say will be perceived with suspicion because of you, you write Russian. And so the circle.

They appeal “fact-checking”, emphasize that they will fight only with obvious speculation and pretend that you don’t want to limit freedom of thought. But they form the Marxist one-dimensional society, the totalitarian mindset, a real “guillamino”. They choose what the media will write, and what not. And if the American errors write nothing, then they are simply not there. It’s a fact! And if someone criticizes us policy in Syria, Iraq or Yemen, it is definitely is a hybrid war and works for the Russian propaganda. Everything is so simple! No one wonders why, in fact, mainstream media silent about us crimes. Is this a problem? The problem is Russian propaganda. As a result, people have begun to read the alternative media, because the biased media can’t find a hint of criticism of Big brother. All are fed of this by now. But the media-mainstream would be enough small to allow other opinions and stop trying to curry favor with the Americans.

Where, finally, you can watch any American movie, I ask you?!

But to create the illusion that we are threatened by some kind of Russian propaganda, that’s just insanity. Only the blind can not see that the opposite is true. Open any newspaper anywhere and read what kind of a monster that Putin, and the filth which Russia is doing. In the news on almost all channels say the same thing: Putin is the biggest threat to security, and America’s cool. About 99% of the books in the bookstores written by an American or Western authors. 99% of NGOs funded by the United States or Brussels. Tonight on TV you can watch American action movie in which a muscular American hero saves the world from alien invasion, and everywhere looming American flags. Or you can watch American drama, where a poor American guy, thanks to his efforts achieves his American dream and becomes a happy and rich life in a happy and wealthy America. Switch possible and on the American Comedy series of the lives of American youth and American fashion channel, broadcasting what you have in America. You can even watch the American news channel, if you want to hear the same thing repeat on the Slovak channel Markízа, in English only. In General, the continuous Russian propaganda… She literally bombards us, eats us alive…

I am absolutely not surprised that the European Union is configured to deal with it. After all, our identity is not decomposed neither Americanization nor American geopolitical interests. Where there is: the problem in Europe is the only marginal news Agency Sputnik and four false site. About it here in Malta three days, deputies said. Half of them hated me because I openly told them that all this Russophobic hysteria is crazy. And I still say that, probably, sleep. Somebody pinch me! After all, it can’t be true: Europe must be crazy. Immersed in American propaganda feces, she desperately struggles with the marginal Russian propaganda.

Follow-up. Russian propaganda is for Europe, perhaps the same problem as the spread of Buddhism in Peru. Someone’s just looking for class enemies to any criticism of American policy to call a Russian spy. As simple as that! And how unnatural! I wish you all ever been to any European security conference. This is absolutely a memorable experience when people think you’re a Russian agent only because you do not incite hatred of Russia and not exalt US. That now looks like our good old enlightened Europe…