Russian car market reached the “bottom”

Russia on the volume of the car market among the countries of Europe by the end of 2016 fell to fifth place from fourth.

Sales of cars and light commercial vehicles in the Russian market in 2016 fell 11% compared to 2015 year and amounted to 1.42 million cars. Such data are published by the Association of European businesses (AEB).

According to the Association, car brand Lada continues to remain the market leader despite a slight drop in sales by 1% (up to 266,296 thousand cars). It is followed by Hyundai (a decline of 10% to 145,254 thousand units), Renault (down 3% to 117,23 thousand), KIA (down 9% to 149,567 thousand), Toyota (down 4% to 94,568 million).

The best-selling car for the year 2016 in Russia has become the Hyundai Solaris (a decline of 22% to 90,38 thousand units), on the second place Lada Granta (an increase of 37% to 87,726 thousand cars), KIA Rio (down 10% to 87,662 thousand), Lada Vesta (an increase of 19.8 times to 55,174 thousand). Closes the five of leaders Volkswagen Polo (sales growth of 5% to 47,702 thousand cars).

As noted on a press-conferences the Chairman of Committee of the AEB Joerg Schreiber, after four years of falling sales (since 2012) the Russian car market reached a low point, and the negative trend has slowed.

According to the forecasts of the AEB, in 2017 the market has the potential to “end a four-year period of decline and return to moderate growth”. In particular, the expected growth of car sales 4 percent to 1.48 million units.

To achieve positive dynamics of the Russian market the main activities in 2017 the AEB considers the continuation of state support, in particular, programmes for the disposal, trade-in, leasing and subsidized loans.