Gas gun, brass knuckles or a knife: how to choose a means of self-defense

In recent years, the crime rate in Ukraine has increased. According to Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko, the reasons for the difficult crime situation — the war, unemployment, disorganization of law enforcement.

“According to statistics, most attacks occur from 20:00 to 00:00. Among the most dangerous places and parks, areas of hostels and train stations,” — said the expert in the field of self-defense and special training Vyacheslav Zhuravlev and adds that 90% of situations can be avoided if you do not put yourself in danger (for example, evening walks).

But even if you are a man a very cautious, sometimes you want to play it safe and buy a weapon. It is important to understand whether you will be able to take it psychologically and will not fall under criminal or administrative punishment due to the ignorance of the Ukrainian legislation. Therefore, before buying sprays and brass knuckles, it is useful to take a course of self-defense.


  • Vyacheslav Zhuravlev, an expert in the field of self-defense and special training
  • Oleg Ogorodnik, a practicing lawyer


In the container is the tear substance that is irritating to the respiratory system and temporarily takes away the eyesight. For self defense it be sprayed at a distance of 2-3 meters from the attacker, trying to keep the cloud was near the face (it’s important to get on the mucous membranes).

PROS. This is one of the most popular means of self-defense. Cylinders — small size, easy to operate and quite cheap (from 60 UAH). In addition, under the legislation they do not require a permit, and they can be purchased in any gun shop (after 18 years). Girls have the opportunity to choose spray disguised as lipstick or perfume.

CONS. Ineffective spray when the wind is strong — disperse substance and the counter — and will blow it on you. Also it cannot be used indoors (the inside of the car, Elevator, entrance), because it is possible to self-poisoning. Not particularly valid gas on dogs and other stray animals.

HOW TO CHOOSE. All pepper sprays have a similar effect. The strongest — on the basis of hot pepper. But note: to be used for self-defense can only be made in Ukraine’s gas tank. Therefore, when buying ask the seller a certificate of conformity of the substance of the Ukrainian standards. The gas should have a temporary effect. If the mixture of the container will make the attacker blind or cause other serious health problems, it provides for administrative and criminal liability (articles 118 and 124 of the criminal code of Ukraine for a period of up to 2 years). When choosing also pay attention to the expiration date: the calculated gas for a certain time, after which will not provide the desired action.

Substance. Irritating to the respiratory system and temporarily blinding


The Taser strikes the attacker with electric charge: 1-3 seconds and the attacker will go through severe pain and cramps, and after 3-5 seconds he loses consciousness.

PROS. A Taser can be used indoors and out in any weather, and it is safe for the owner (to stab yourself in the current difficult). There are many compact models that are disguised as different things, ranging from lighters and ending in lipstick.

CONS. To the stun gun worked, need to get to the cluster of nerve endings (lymph nodes, ear, nasolabial folds). It is unlikely that the striker will feel the charge through a winter jacket. In addition, in Ukraine, the shockers allowed to use only workers of special services that ordinary citizens they are forbidden not only to use, but even just to carry. However, in the Internet to find the means of self-defense is not difficult (the price from 200 UAH).

HOW TO CHOOSE. Whether to break the law and buy a Shocker to you. But remember: wearing the Taser provides for administrative responsibility — a fine of 68-119 UAH and confiscation of the device. If you will cause serious harm to the attacker (a Shocker even to kill), you can already attract criminal liability.

Do not break. Only for employees of special services


Air pistol breaks through the upper skin. But if you shoot in the face area, can be seriously hurt. Traumatic same gun can kill.

PROS. They are effective at a distance up to 10 meters, and thus the attacker will not have to keep away. For some models there is noise and light ammo (stun and blind).

CONS. You can not scare the intruder, but rather to provoke to action. Such a weapon must be able to own, otherwise there is a high risk that it will be turned against you. Thirdly, we should not forget about responsibility: even pneumata can be very traumatic. It will be classified as exceeding the bounds of self-defence, which provides for criminal liability (up to 2 years in prison). In addition, such a weapon is expensive (airguns — from 800 UAH, in trauma — from 5000 UAH).

HOW TO CHOOSE. Air guns can buy any person under the age of 18. The only limitation is that the caliber should not exceed 4.5 mm and the speed of a bullet — not more than 100 m/s. For pneumatic use, exceeding limits, you must obtain a permit (can apply for all citizens). Definitely need a permit for a traumatic gun, but it is given only to police, prosecutors, court reporters. You need to take a certificate of good conduct, pass a medical examination to obtain an opinion from the psychiatrist and the psychiatrist.

Already serious. It is possible for the attacker to provoke to action


Works on the same principle as spray, but effective at a distance of 5-10 meters, emits a loud sound like a shot from a real weapon.

PROS. Lightweight, small size, produces a directed jet. Suitable for use indoors and in the wind.

CONS. Externally it is difficult to distinguish from combat and can provoke the enemy to shoot from the present (if any). In addition, such weapons are not cheap (from 1500 UAH) and expensive to maintain.

HOW TO CHOOSE. On a gas gun you need permission. You can obtain it on reaching 18 years of age. You must provide a medical certificate and of no criminal record.

Gas. Very similar to the present, and that the lack of it


Ring-knuckle rings, and-spikes are to impact weapons. They look like the United rings (2-4), who put on the fingers. The blow inflicted with this instrument, will be stronger. The kubotan is a small stick which you can hold in your hand and buff. Often in this category include batons (folded fit in pocket).

PROS. These things are light, take up little space and often come in the form of trinkets. The cost of these means of self-defense small (brass knuckles from 60, kubotan — 100, a club — from 250 UAH).

CONS. To protect yourself brass knuckles or kubotan required physical training. A weak girl who has no idea how to strike, these things will not help.

The brass knuckles. Strike with him will be stronger

HOW TO CHOOSE. Tips for choosing such a means of self-defense is not. But remember: some batons and brass knuckles may be considered special equipment. For carriage provides for administrative liability for the use — even criminal. To recognize an object combat supplies or any other type of “prohibited” weapons can forensic examination.

The kubotan. Can be considered special equipment


Daggers, sabers, swords, bayonets, stilettos, hunting knives and similar items are to melee weapons. For many of them it is necessary to issue a special permit can not be said about the home opener and the majority of folding small models.

PROS. A normal knife is cheap and affordable for every person the means of self-defense.

CONS. To defend himself with a knife, you need to have not only physical but also psychological preparation, in fact, to strike a sharp object, very difficult. In the presence of the knife and the lack of skills you will become confused and will use it against you.

HOW TO CHOOSE. Before you decide to take a knife, think about whether you will be able to use it. To get started go master classes on self-defense, and only then begin to carry such weapons. It is also worth remembering that the law prohibits the use of a knife as self defense. But fasten to justice can only be the case if forensic examination acknowledges it with cold weapons.

Knife. Household or with special permits