How to get rid of sweet cravings in five days: simple tips

A lot of sugar negatively affects not only the body but also on the figure. Sugar is the cause of excessive body fat, and also promotes various inflammatory processes. This is not only painful, but can become a beginning of the appearance of heart problems, diabetes and even cancer.

If completely abandon the consumption of sugar is impossible – reduce the dependency of the body from it in just 5 days. For this you need willpower and fulfillment of several conditions, transfer “MSCI”.

1. Foods with a high content of protein, fat and fiber

After them you less hungry. Try to include such foods in your daily diet, and make sure 25% of your diet consists of protein combined with good fats such as omega 3. Natural saturated fats actually do not increase, and reduce the level of cholesterol in the body.

What to choose from products: eggs, avocado, nuts, olive oil, hummus, salmon or organic chicken.

2. Replace bread and pasta green fleshy vegetables

That is why it is a good choice: bread is quickly converted by the body into sugar, creating the same cycle, but vegetables contain complex carbohydrates, which contribute to a long feeling of satiety. However, keep in mind – they are longer to digest, so this feeling will appear 30 minutes after eating.

What to choose from products: arugula and cabbage.

3. Sour and pickled vegetables

That is why it is a good choice: they reduce the craving for sugar.

What to choose from products: sauerkraut.

4. Dark chocolate

That is why it is a good choice: it causes the body to produce endorphins, without raising sugar levels in the body.

What to choose from food: any chocolate containing 100% cocoa.

5. Drink more water

Here’s why: thanks to the water you feel full longer. And she washes out from the body of excess sugar, thereby reducing your “sugar hunger”. In addition, water helps to lose weight.