What psychological factors encourage overeating

The vast majority of cases of obesity associated with overeating and inability to control carousing appetite. It would seem that can be simpler to reduce the portion, not to fill the stomach to satiety. Unfortunately, eating disorders are associated with many physiological and psychological factors. About how people try to replace meals bright impressions, love and other values, writes likar.info.


The troubles at work and in your personal life, eternal economic crisis and bad news on TV – daily dose of stress, to overcome which can be very difficult. Man despairs to find some Bastion of confidence and peace of mind, and goes to the “heavy artillery” – the food.

Portions of delicious, fragrant food are becoming more burgers, pizza, pasta, sweets, pastries and sandwiches follow each other, not allowing us to be alone with this troubling world. Pounds grow along with the dependence on carbohydrates and sugar, and a sense of false peace and happiness that stops us from seeing grown heavy reflection in the mirror.


About trying to replace love with food best told Sigmund Freud, highlighting the oral-passive personality type. According to him, these people received a lack of attention from mother or her milk in infancy, and this affected their character, forming neurotic traits: lightheadedness, inability to overcome life’s difficulties, indecision, passivity, gullibility, susceptibility to others ‘ influence.

The feeling of love, protection and confidence of oral-passive personality looking for food that will never fail. Besides, its regularly advertise the beautiful and happy people: the family is happy to eat chocolate, prepare a barbecue, eat delicious sandwiches. Hoping to be in their place, a naive person buys popular products, but instead of happiness only gets overweight.

Confidence in the future

This phenomenon is directly connected with a hungry childhood of our grandparents. Food shortages have taught them to put large portions, eat every last crumb and store food reserve. Such food habits develop in our parents and ourselves.

Overeating, people like proving themselves that they will not starve even in the raging economic crisis. The stronger the fear of being financially insolvent, the higher the need for food. Remember the fluctuations in the dollar and emptying the shelves in the shops: the probability that the buckwheat will never be on sale – negligible, but people buy it pounds, contrary to common sense.

How to treat food? Philosophy gourmet

Contrary to popular belief, foodies rarely have extra pounds. The secret of harmony is simple: they love food and understand that redundancy only gets to appreciate it.

And yet gourmets respect yourself, so will never be to waste your time on bad and unhealthy food in the stores, alas, the vast majority. Why not follow their example? Choose carefully what you eat, try to chew slowly, savoring all the flavors. Believe me, you will experience much more enjoyment and, eventually, learn to love healthy food.