Is there a bomb threat at the border? Defense system of Eilat

Due to the threat of terrorist attacks in Sinai had been denied passage, “Taba” on the border of Israel and Egypt. But what happens on the other side of the border? Eilat, the tourist capital of Israel, came face to face with these terrorists, having a common border with Egypt, stretching for several hundred kilometers. Roni Daniel went to where the border is with Egypt and Jordan, and met with commanders and soldiers, designed to protect citizens.

In addition to pure quartz of the sea, the mountains which take your breath away, and attractions of Eilat is the reverse: the command posts, patrol posts and soldiers sitting there and analysing every movement. All this is only part of the most southern cities of the country.

Many soldiers patrol the part and the unit “Karakal” inspect this area. “Our responsibility is to the defense of Eilat, defense of all tourists, all residents there citizens”, explained Lieutenant Aviv Rat. “Without incident is not complete, but in the area of Eilat, everything is quite still.”

The situation around Eilat complex: on the one hand, Jordan, a situation which is not stable, and in front of Sinai — the Maritime border, which in itself represents a separate “history”. All this crowding among others attracts attention and requires the approval of the actions of the parties.


The boundary line opposite the Sinai lies between the mountainous terrain near Eilat and the subsequent open area: this border changes all the time from both sides. On the Egyptian side there are military actions of the army of Egypt, to attack the IG (banned in Russia — approx. ed.), the construction of new reference points. On the Israeli side already has the latest equipment, is under constant observation deep into the Sinai, where ISIS troops are located.

“Silence in the region — our common interest”

As noted by the commander of the regiment in Eilat Colonel Meir Alalam, “it is a hectic border, there could be accidents. At the tactical level is the successful cooperation with Egypt in case of emergency I can be coordinated with them”.

The Colonel added: “the Silence of the entire region — our common interest. With Jordan we have a boundary length of 245 kilometers, and we do everything to provide security throughout the territory”.

Together with Alsalama we drove through the border with Sinai: high fence already completed, resulting in a decrease in the number of border crossers. In addition, there is now established a system to prevent terrorist acts. In 2011, four people were killed in the explosion in Ein Netafim, dozens of people were injured. It was then that it became clear that the threat from the Sinai have escalated.

This threat — the problem is not for Israel alone: the last time the Egyptians build small bases along the border line to replace the old posts. Almost every week, ISIS is killing 10-15 of the Egyptians. Israel has become Egypt’s trusted party.

“Feel that you can live here,” said the commander of the regiment in the Colonel’s Saga AVI Rahamim. The organization “Islamic state” will not be placed in the vicinity of the fence: it is located deep in the Sinai, but even there it could work relatively easily.

Along with this, this stretch of desert thriving: developing agriculture and built settlements.

“Finally everything fell into place — the army protects us, not we protect the army,” — said the head of the local Council of Ramat Negev Eren Doron. “Suddenly feel that it is possible to live here. Has everything you need: a sturdy guardrail, complete defense, developing tourism and transport. The lives of citizens is practically not affected”.

Also Rahamim added: “the defense of the settlements — the main task of the brigade Saga. That is what we get up in the morning and go to bed at night. We always think first about the people.”