The commander of the detachment told how he fabricated the death of her fiancé-soldier

The commander of the detachment of the 54th brigade of the APU, Sergeant Leroy Burlakov said that so far no one is punished for the falsification of the case of the death of her fiance Anatoliy Garkavenko (Callsign “Sailor”). She told about it in interview to “24”.

“When died, “Sailor”, our team began the investigation, I got a paper where it was written that he was killed during an unauthorized exploration. This means that there will be no compensation, nothing. Neither he nor the kid that was with him was injured. I watched them all and thought, “Wow!”. Recorded the conversation of our platoon, where he says he never wrote that it was an unauthorized exploration. In short, normally hyped topic. They recognized that he was killed during a combat exit, given any state awards,” said Burlakova.

However, she stressed that so far none of the command was not prosecuted for fraud case and attempt to portray combat losses for non-combat.

“After the release of several materials smoothly “Sailor” and all these guys from the idiots who inexplicably decided to go to the “Zelenka”, suddenly turned into heroes who were injured during combat exit. The transformation occurred gradually. The moment of apology from his command was not. Not that moment when someone was punished for falsifying or for what he has nerves of the family of the deceased or wounded”, – she added.

We will remind, the fighter of the battalion “OUN” Garkavenko Anatoly died at the end of January 2016.