Unmanned vehicles will be learning to drive in GTA V

The biggest problem with Autonomous machines is that they somehow need to test in real-world conditions. A program such machines should adapt in an unpredictable real world, where the drones will coexist on the road with human drivers. Therefore, one of the companies decided to test their autopilots in Grand Theft Auto V – popmech with reference to Road And Track.

German scientists from Darmstadt technical University and Intel Labs has found a way to send the “visual information” of GTA V in the test program of the government. Anyone who has played the game knows that there are a lot of details — like pedestrians, animals, different weather conditions and difficult transport situations — which would roughly simulate a normal day of driving in the real world.

This of course, if not to start a crazy race to knock down pedestrians or RAM. And, as everyone knows, is in GTA is possible.

In the last GTA there are 262 types of vehicles, more than 1,000 pedestrians and animals, 14 types of weather conditions and countless bridges, traffic signals, tunnels and intersections. The idea is not that highway and street game Los Santos will be replacing the real asphalt, but the game is a “the rich virtual space to date, from which we can extract the data,” says Alain Kornhauser, Professor at Princeton University.