The population and business in Ukraine has incurred cash deposits

At the end of March, the money supply in Ukraine increased by 1.3% to 1074,1 billion, according to the national Bank of Ukraine (NBU). The regulator said that the increase was mainly due to the increase in balances on deposits in local currency (3.4%).

At the same time remains on deposits of businesses increased by 3.7%, including in national currency – by 4.7%. The balances of the business deposits in foreign currency (in dollar equivalent) by the end of March rose by 2.4%.

Balances of household deposits in March rose more slowly. The portfolio of hryvnia deposits of the population increased by 1.9%, in foreign currency (in dollar equivalent) – there was a slight decline of 0.7%.

“The growth of deposits in national currency, including caused by preservation of attractive Deposit products of banks in further strengthening of the hryvnia,” – noted in the NBU.

The balances of the loans granted by banks in national currency increased in March by 0.7%. The portfolio of loans the banking sector extended in foreign currency (in dollar equivalent), at the end of the month, continued to decline (by 2.1%).

Recall that economists believe that interest rates on loans and deposits will decrease.