In Ukraine for a month twice changed the price of gas: how many now have to pay the Ukrainians

From the first of April the national Commission on issues of state regulation in the spheres of energy and komuslug (NKREKU), decided to reduce the price of gas from 6.8 to 6 hryvnia per cubic meter and enter the monthly fee. April 10 quashed the decision – gas tariff again increased to 6.8 hryvnia per cubic meter, and the monthly fee was removed. The website “Today” figured out how and why they changed the cost of natural gas in Ukraine, and who without monthly fees have to pay more.

What is the monthly fee and why it was introduced

In Ukraine, one cubic meter of gas is 6,879 hryvnia. 87% of the tariff – the cost of fuel, and 13% – the cost of transportation and distribution, according to the national Commission. At the end of last month, the Commission decided to split the cost of gas and other costs into two components. In the result of the price of gas was from the first of April to decline up to 6 UAH per cubic meter, and the cost of transportation and distribution planning to include in the monthly fee. It had to pay regardless of how many burned gas.

Such a decision is stipulated by the law “On gas market”. In addition, as noted in the energy Ministry, Ukraine has committed itself to the IMF, according to which the rate itself only determines the cost of natural gas as a commodity. For transportation and distribution to be paid separately.

“Current tariffs are calculated on the “old methodology”, as a fee for the physical transportation volumes. It is not possible to allocate tariffs for the transmission system operator and gas distribution system operator”, – noted in the Ministry.

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NKRAU, decided to suspend its decision to impose a monthly fee after criticism from the President and the government. Thus, the site of the head of state was the official conversion of Peter Poroshenko: “we Appeal to the government and NKREKU to find a negotiated solution which would provide for no increase in tariffs and the distribution of subsidies for all types of payments for everyone who needs it.” At the same time, the Prime Minister Vladimir Groysman said that the national Commission can share the price of gas on the components, but the ultimate cost of natural gas should not exceed 6,8 hryvnia per cubic meter.

“This is European practice, and secondly, the law of Ukraine on the market “Nagtataka” right involves the use of principle power. Third, this separation of accounts is contained in Memorandum with the IMF. And this solution allows consumers to get high quality safe gas service”, – said the head of the national Commission Dmitry Vovk during his briefing a few days ago.

Problems monthly fee: without subsidies and more expensive

Subsidy the monthly cost of gas does not cover. So, a family of two elderly people in the Transcarpathian region, provided, if both receive the minimum pension, for all utilities with subsidy will pay no more than 150 hryvnia, and for a monthly fee – 204 hryvnia. In fact, the communal cost for such a family will grow by 136%. By the way, by the end of this year, the subsidy for utilities would receive 9 out of 15 million households.

Those who use gas only for cooking, with a licence fee would have to pay more. The cost of the fee, as explained in the Commission depends on the type of meter and gas infrastructure in a given year. The most common in Ukraine counters – G4 (they account for 85% of total consumption). Kiev with such metering device was to pay a monthly fee of 67.2 hryvnia, without the counter – 44,8 hryvnia. In Kharkov, the fee would have amounted to 88,8 hryvnia with the counter and without 59,2 hryvnia. The average for Ukraine fee – 80 UAH. The most expensive in the Transcarpathian region, 204 of the hryvnia with the meter and 136 UAH without him.

For example, a family of three people in Kiev’s high-rise buildings with heating and hot water per month on average burns 13.2 cubic meter of gas (according to the social norm of consumption). Before the first of April a family has to pay 90 hryvnia, and after the first of April, if the decision is not suspended, – 146,4 hryvnia (79,2 rate for gas and 67.2 hryvnia monthly fee).

The fees beneficial to those who spend a lot of gas. For example, if the family heats the house with gas. At the moment in Kiev 87 cubes are 591,6 hryvnia, after the innovation for the same amount you will have to pay 589,2 hryvnia. On each next cubic meter of Ukrainians will be able to save 80 cents. Until April 200 cubic meters will have to pay 1360 UAH, and after April 1267,2 hryvnia.

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“As a result, those who heats the house with gas, will win, because they have a gas flow rate of 200-300 cubic meters per month, that is, the savings on depreciating the gas block the introduction of a license fee,” — said the Director of energy programmes of the Center for world economy and international relations NASU Valentyn Zemlyansky.

What will happen to the price of gas

As noted in the national Commission, to question the introduction of anoplate officials to come back later. The government should introduce changes to the decree “On the simplified procedure of obtaining grants,” and the Commission must revise the amount of license fee.

“In 2015, the Commission is not responsible for the price of gas, it is the responsibility of the government. 87% of the tariff is the responsibility of the government. We are only responsible for transportation and distribution. We are responsible only for this part. Ready to show all calculations,” said April 10 at a meeting of the Commission Dmitry NKREKU wolf.

By the way, experts believe that the price of gas in Ukraine in any case will have to increase. So, part of the gas Ukraine imports from Europe, while the rate for natural gas is formed according to import parity. As explained in the Ministry of economic development, the tariff for the population is determined by the formula: cost of imported gas × dollar exchange rate + VAT + transport + distribution + margin Naftogaz

In may last year, when the Cabinet decided to revise the tariff of gas one thousand cubic meters of imported natural gas worth $ 185, and this figure used in the formula when calculating tariff for the population. According to the budget in 2017, a thousand cubic meters of imported gas will cost $ 245. In addition, the increased and the dollar – buy gas in dollars but sell in UAH.

Member of the Supervisory Board of the Institute of energy strategies Yuri Korolchuk’m sure the government will have next year again to increase the price of gas. As calculated ex-the head of Department on public relations of “Naftogaz” Valentin Zemlyansky, gas, according to the formula of the Cabinet, has this year 9600 hryvnia per thousand cubic meters (currently 6800 UAH). At the same time, Yuri Korolchuk sure that it is economically reasonable price of gas will rise by 25-60% (8.5-11 thousand UAH). “If the price is minimal for 1,500 hryvnia will not grow, it means only one thing – the market is further manually adjusted, the government controls prices, and no market. And this difference, the state will cover from the budget”, – says Yuri Korolchuk.