Assad and Putin now re-embodiment of evil

Spectacular diplomatic twist has occurred on the eve of the meeting of the giants in the UN when, after six years of criticism and threats of Bashar al-Assad began to return to the Commonwealth of Nations. Only now, after a mysterious gas attack of his army on the population (this story is reminiscent of the precedent of 2013, when, as in the case of weapons of mass destruction Saddam Hussein did not present the slightest evidence of) it again is known as the embodiment of evil. As Vladimir Putin, on account of which many military and diplomatic victories over the six years of mistakes of the West.

The hawks are back. Victory trump was just a bluff, a respite for a few months. Chatterbox have you in the chair and finally realized the true scope of your authority. Just two days after the resounding failure of his domestic initiatives (long live Obama healthcare), the removal of strategic adviser Steve Bannon (Steve Bannon) and turn 180 degrees, Assad, whose departure has seemingly not been considered a priority (the mantra of American diplomacy since 2011), once again took the usual role of the evil wolf in the fairy tale.

US Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley (Nikky Haley) with tears in his eyes showed in the security Council horrible pictures of gassed children and began to condemn the reluctance of Russia and China to condemn Damascus. With regard to Senator Joan Shaheen (Jeanne Shaheen), she completed the tale of Blue beard the master stroke, declaring that RT (the other Senator recently proposed a ban on a channel against the Constitution), this foothold in the us network on Putin’s propaganda, is the modern analog of the Nazi press.

In America, everything went smoothly. As in France and other European countries, which in fact become Consulate USA. Once the information came directly from Washington, and a small office in the suburbs of London, to investigate, apparently, is not necessary. We read and endorsed by Washington city news and move on. Vicar in France, acts as a categorical condemnation that the word-for-word repeat standing at the head of the EU Polish clown and other.

As to the facts, doubts about the incident, they, apparently, are not interested in warriors. According to eyewitnesses, the Syrian planes tried to recapture Idlib soldiers “Dzhabhat EN-Nusra” (a terrorist organization banned in Russia — approx.ed.) and struck a blow for the fundamentalists occupied the building where, apparently, was a chemical weapon. Its exact composition is unknown to us. The result was a tragedy, which is immediately recorded on the conscience of the Syrian government and recidivist Assad.

Really? A lie? Fake news Sputnik? No idea, I’m not Bernard Guetta (Bernard Guetta), not an investigator. In any case, all this is not even important. Needed as soon as possible to go on the offensive in the media on yesterday’s enemies, three days after the tragedy in Saint-Petersburg. To hawks again were able to get a hand of cards with the assistance of the international community.

This desperate logic of uncle Sam connected with his last attempt (it is not excluded that it will be successful) to regain the lead. Shareholders Donald banged his fist on the table. Vladimir immediately became clear that his star-spangled counterpart — is just a puppet, Pinocchio operetta. ISIS (a terrorist organization banned in Russia — approx.ed.) recently said to media that he was funny to see at the head of the United States is “idiot”. From myself I will add: useful idiot for some well-understood interests.

Worst part of all this (because we are not watching a fascinating series, and dealing with a frightening reality) that the strengthening of propaganda in the style of Disney can rekindle the fire at a gunpowder warehouse. The chaos in Iraq and Libya gives IG a huge space for training and recruitment. The overthrow of the Gaddafi regime opened the African migratory valves: we are talking about tens of millions of people in the direction of the main fool in this farce, whose name is Europe. In addition, because of its blind adherence to the policy of the chaos hawks, the threat of terrorist attacks becomes her is as relevant as ever.

This logic can encompass not only from the very beginning, despised the Syrian people (they sacrifice more and more), but also the whole region and even the world (there is enough just pressing the nuclear button). Unstable equilibrium in the diplomatic games of the great powers shifts the situation to the precipice and creates a far greater threat to European Nations than their American friends.

Different “branches” of ISIS has chemical and biological weapons, the means for its transportation and/or production and use, when they want it. In such circumstances, one can easily understand that the destructive folly of superpower can lead to disaster. Even though we are not losing hope that some event will push the pendulum in the other direction.

It takes a lot of composure to stop this terrible process with a still uncertain outcome. A lot of composure, foresight and faith, in the noble sense of the word.

Because even the smallest thing can lead to disaster.