How to make coffee a healthy drink

Many of us start the morning with a Cup of coffee. We have not had time to really Wake up, and already push the button on the coffee maker or put it on the fire the pots. Love coffee for the energy boost that it gives, but his energy lasted long, so you have to pour yourself a Cup again and again. Coffee and acidify the body, which is not good for health. But these effects can be overcome if you use three simple tips. They will help to avoid the negative impact of coffee on the body, even if you drink 2-3 cups a day, says

Buy quality grain

The average Cup of coffee contains neuroactive chemicals such as mycotoxins produced by mold and fungi growing on the beans. These chemicals are also found in nuts, chocolate, wines, and contribute to the emergence of chronic diseases. Fortunately, some conscientious producers care about their image and the health of the buyer and carefully process the coffee beans, destroying the fungus or reducing the number of its argument.

Instead of fermentation, in the soil or in the sun, these beans are processed by cold water, which significantly reduces the amount of mold, and reduces the acidity. Coffee these grains are softer and more flavorful, easier to digest (this is especially true for people with gastric diseases and are sensitive to yeast fungi of the genus Candida).

Prepare your “milk”

To soften the taste and reduce the harmful effects of coffee, it is often added milk or cream. But you can’t always buy organic dairy products. Many distributors of dairy products to increase milk shelf life, add a variety of substances that are harmful to our health (e.g., hormones and antibiotics). But even if the milk is natural, it is not always helpful — some people, for example, is lactose intolerant.

But milk can make their own — from the nuts and the environmental friendliness of this product, you will be sure at 100%.

For making almond milk you will need:

– 1 Cup almonds
– 2 cups of water
– Purified water for soaking nuts
– Gauze or a fine sieve
– Large capacity for frothing
– A sealed bottle or container for storage

1. Soak for 8 hours a glass of almond nuts in water to swell — so nuts are better digested and assimilated.

2. Strain and rinse the almonds, mix it with two cups water on high speed for one minute.

3. Strain the resulting milk through cheesecloth or a fine sieve.

4. Pour it in airtight container and store in the refrigerator for up to 5 days.

Cooked almond milk has an alkalinizing properties, and it can be whipped the same as real milk (e.g., cappuccino).

Add natural flavor enhancers

Recently become very popular various natural supplements that improve the taste of food and contain nutrients. They can be used not only for cocktails and salads — with them the usual morning green tea or freshly brewed coffee will take on an entirely new flavors.

This list includes, among other immune-boosting mushroom powder, powder of root of Maca that contains collagen is coconut oil, which will be helpful for lean muscle, cartilage and bone tissue. Now instead of sugar in your morning coffee can add a spoon much more useful supplements.