Erdogan will speak to US about “stability”

March 30, in Ankara, Secretary of state USA Rex Tillerson (Rex Tillerson) will meet with President Tayyip Erdogan. In the teleconference, organized yesterday by the US state Department, were given information about the content of these negotiations. It was reported that in the framework of these contacts will be discussed an operation in raqqa and the fight against ISIS (banned in Russia — approx. ed.). An important theme will be the “stability zone”, which Tillerson said last week at the meeting of the anti-is coalition in Washington. Despite the alarm of Turkey, the cooperation with the “Democratic forces of Syria” (SDG) will continue.

As reported by the state Department, Tillerson, who will visit Turkey in the eve of the referendum on 16 April, aware of the situation and takes it into account. Tillerson will meet with representatives of the opposition parties.

Approval is received?

In response to the question of whether the visit is aimed Tillerson to get the approval of Turkey’s actions in raqqa, it was noted that the visit does not pursue such special purpose. Topics to be discussed were summarized as follows: “Will discuss the situation in Syria, the success of the operation that Turkey carried out in El-Baba, we are proud to also involved in it, we discuss the situation in raqqa. (…) Until now, we held consultations with Turkey in all we do in Syria, and intend to continue it.”

The role of Turkey in raqqa

On the question of Turkey’s role in the operation in raqqa were given this answer: “We will speak with Turkey not only on the progress of the operation and the support, but in the same time period after ISIL and ensuring that Rakka had an inclusive administration, representing the people of the city.” Officials, called “success” “cooperation of the Peshmerga and Iraqi security forces,” in Mosul, said that “in raqqa will be held similar political and diplomatic work”. It was also said: “approaching Mosul campaign, we worked very closely with Turkey in raqqa intend to do the same thing.”

When answering the question about the concern of Turkey about the SDG, including a people’s protection Units (YPG), it was noted that “SDG 75% consist of Arab forces”. It was also said: “of Course, we have with Turkey have differences on some issues, and our coalition partners, we will work on them.”

Answering another question the officials noted: “We continue to work with SDG. They are effective on the ground, we will continue to support them. This, of course, will continue to be the subject of our talk.”

The time zone of stability

Officials also made statements about the “time zones of stability”, which Tillerson said last week. On this basis, the United States expressed the necessity of creating zones of the ceasefire on the borders of their allies, where expelled ISIL or where stopped fighting, which can receive humanitarian assistance and ultimately will be able to return the refugees.

“We look forward to discuss with Turkey the question of what contribution we can make to the peace talks in the framework of the Astana process”, — said the official. According to them, one of the reasons for the importance of the negotiations, which U.S. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson will be in Turkey in contact with Iran and Russia in the framework of the Astana process — “stability zones”.

The willingness to question Hylene

Officials suggest that in the course of contacts Tillerson on the agenda may be subject to extradite Fethullah Gulen (Fethullah Gülen). It is noted that in this case Tillerson will be ready to answer questions, but they do not have any new information on this subject.

Meeting with opposition

When answering the question about what will occur if the Secretary of state with the opposition in Turkey, the officials said, “In the moment, Tillerson plans to meet with representatives of the ruling administration and the American Embassy. His program is not compatible with other meetings. But on April 16th, the other members of the Department of state will have the opportunity to meet with the leaders and members of the opposition parties”.

On the issue of freedom of expression and press in Turkey, was given the following answer: “We always encourage Turkey to ensure and respect freedom of expression, guarantees of fair trial, independence of the judiciary and other human rights and fundamental rights. We do not expect that the Secretary of state in their speeches deviated from that line.”

After a one-day visit to Turkey Rex Tillerson will participate in the NATO meeting which will take place on 31 March in Brussels.