The victory of Le Pen can bring down the Euro – Bloomberg

According to forecasts of economists, the Euro could reach 15-year low, if the leader “National front” marine Le Pen will win the presidential election in France, reports Bloomberg, reports “RBC-Ukraine”.

It is noted that the drop in the Euro in case of victory of Le Pen can be compared with the fall of the pound after the referendum on the British exit from the European Union. According to some economists, the Euro may fall to $ 1 or lower after the victory of the leader of “National front”.

Some economists predict a decline of the Euro even up to 0.95 USD. The victory of Le Pen will provoke the rapid decline of the Euro, as the leader of the National front is firmly against the European Union.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that the presidential candidate of France marine Le Pen after a visit to Moscow, said about the imminent death of the European Union.

“The EU will die, because people don’t need it anymore. Haughty hegemony is destined to disappear from the face of the earth,” she said, promising to protect France from globalisation.