“Beauty and the Beast”: countries subjected to the censorship of “gay moment”

This Wednesday in the French rolling out the film “beauty and the Beast”. In other countries, the Disney movie sparked controversy because of the “gay moment” that resulted in a ban on the screening of the film in countries where homosexuality is punishable by imprisonment or the death penalty.

Wednesday, March 22, the film “beauty and the Beast” came out in wide release. Adaptation of the famous cartoon 1991 sparked controversy in various parts of the world because of the “gay moment”. This expression used by the Director, bill Condon (Bill Condon) in an interview published in the British magazine Attitude, talking about the scene in the movie where a secondary character Lefou, played by Josh Gad (Josh Gad) realizes that caring for Gaston performed by Luke Evans (Luke Evans). “Lefou is the one who at one point wants to be Gaston, and the other wants to kiss Gaston. He doesn’t know what he wants. This is a character who understands that he has these feelings,” explains bill Condon. Josh Gad, who performed in the movie “beauty and the beast” the role of Lefou, the first in the history of the Studio “Disney” a gay character tweeted, “proud of this scene.”

According to American critics, “gay” moment that happens in the last seconds of the film, completely invisible, ” If you blink, you miss it,” notes USA Today. But it’s enough to cause outrage in some countries and States of the USA.

In Russia: children under 16 years are prohibited

While the producers decided to include this film in the category of “6+”, the Ministry of culture of Russia decided to add another ten years. The decision was promulgated on March 14, after contacting the Ministry of the far-right Deputy. In his letter to the culture Minister, Vitaly Milonov condemned the “blatant and shameless propaganda of sin and perverted sexual relations.” In his opinion, this movie wants to instill “Russian children new European tolerance standards that they thought it was the norm.”

In 2013, Russian Federal law prohibits the promotion of homosexuality. In other words, rallies in support of the LGBT community are systematically prohibited. Recent years, homosexuals are regularly subjected to attacks from the majority of the population that does not accept them, following the “traditional values”. Moreover, until 1993, homosexuality was considered a crime, and until 1999 mental illness.

In Kuwait, the picture was removed from display

In a country where 3 million people, just banned the screening of the film four days after the premiere. The decision was made by the national film company of Kuwait, which is a private entity and operates thirteen out of the eleven cinemas across the country. It is noted that this decision was made “in accordance with our values and responsibility to a younger audience.” On his page on Twitter, the company says: “Dear users, we would like to notify that the leadership of the national film company of Kuwait has decided to ban the screening of the film “beauty and the Beast”. This decision is in accordance with our values and responsibility to a younger audience.” On the company website, beauty and the Beast remains the leader in the top-10 movies before “king Kong: Skull Island”.

Kuwait — member of the cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Persian Gulf, along with Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. All these countries have extremely harsh laws against homosexuals. In Kuwait they could face up to ten years in prison. In neighboring Saudi Arabia and Yemen, married men can throw stones, and bachelors waiting for the whip. Together with Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Mauritania and Sudan they are seven countries where same-sex relationships may entail the death penalty.

In October 2013, the head of the Department of health Kuwait Ministry of health Yusuf Mindkar became famous all over the world range on the detection of heading into the territory of the Council of the homosexuals through medical examination. Because of the scandal on the background transfer to Qatar the rights to host the world Cup in 2022, the project, fortunately, was never implemented.

Malaysia backpedals

Last week the President of the Malaysian censorship Board, Abdul Halim Hamid, told The Star newspaper that the film was allowed to run “with minor censorship.” We are talking about the song Lefou: “he dances gay. The same applies to the dialogue and lyrics. In the same scene he raises his shirt and shows a Hickey on my belly. Even I would like to bring children to this movie. But there are rules. We do not support the LGBT community”. Muslim religious leader Harussani Zakaria, in turn, told AFP that “the film will sow destruction and will be the impetus to negative behavior in society.”

Disney responded by postponing the film’s release in the Malaysian cinemas. Many MPs and in particular the Minister of tourism Seri Nazri Aziz spoke out against censorship, arguing that it forms a negative image of the country. On Tuesday, the Disney representative in South-East Asia, said that the painting “will be released March 30, uncut with a warning for viewers under the age of 13”. The controversy lasted only a week.

The incident showed the strongest intolerance of Malaysia in relation to homosexuals. In this Islamic state homosexuality is outlawed, and he could face a maximum term of 20 years in prison. In 2015, the Federal court sentenced opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim to five years for sodomy. Under the impact of the Malaysian guardians of morality were the other paintings: “Bruno” in 2009, where Sasha Baron Cohen plays the role of a homosexual, was banned, as recognized by the “sadistic” “50 shades of grey”.

Neighboring Singapore also not called a zealous defender of the LGBT community. The film doesn’t come under censorship but Christian clergy accuses Disney of departing from the “healthy values”. In the city state, homosexuality can be given up to two years in prison.

In the outdoor cinema in Alabama would not show the film

Unity on the picture is not even in the United States. Evangelist Franklin Graham (Franklin Graham) have called for a boycott of her message in Facebook that “repost” almost 94 000 times: “They are trying to root point of view of LGBT people in the minds and hearts of our children. Have Disney have the right to make cartoons. We have a free country. But we as Christians have the right not to support this company. I hope that all Christians will say “no” Disney”.

The management of this theatre of Henagar located in the heart of the “Bible belt” in Alabama, announced that it would not show the film. Moreover, the decision had been made before viewing the pictures, on the basis of the articles on this short stage. Remote subsequently a message in Facebook read: “If I can’t watch a movie together with God and Jesus, I have no reason to show it. We — first of all Christians (…) and will not compromise the teachings of the Bible.” If the locals want to watch “Beauty and the beast”, they will have to travel 26 miles to Scottsboro.

This position shows is not the best position of the LGBT community in the United States. From June 2015, the homosexuals got the right to marry throughout the United States, but some States like Alabama are still trying to limit their rights. In October, 16 months after the Supreme court judgement, 11 of the 67 counties of Alabama holding registration Desk closed to prevent same-sex unions.

On March 16 the House of representatives of the state overwhelmingly passed a law that allows dealing with adoption agencies to take into account religious beliefs as the reason for the refusal of homosexuals. This law has already been adopted in South Dakota, Georgia, Michigan and Virginia, but also had to obtain the approval of the Senate.

With all this “beauty and the beast” showed a great start in America, collecting 174,75 million dollars last weekend.