In the result of an air attack by coalition forces killed more than 200 people

More than 200 civilians were killed during an air RAID by coalition forces, conducted under the leadership of the USA in Mosul. As of March 22, warned the UN, for those who couldn’t get out of Iraqi cities, the worst is just ahead.

About 230 bodies — mostly women and children — were extracted from three neighbouring houses, situated in the district of Jadida, West Mosul on the night between Wednesday and Thursday, 22-23 March, said the witnesses.

The Islamic state of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL — declared a terrorist organization and banned in Russia — approx. ed.) have occupied the building in order to place snipers there, and held the civilian population, using it as human shield.

A resident of Mosul, known under the name MosulEye, who lives in the city who is in the grip of ISIS, and now documenting battles, waged for the city, told The Telegraph that one of those caught in the cordon residents called him the day before, begging for help, telling that they are already four days remain without food and water.

“We asked them to save people, but received no response,” said MosulEye transferred to the Iraqi army coordinates surrounded by houses.

He said that before avenueto coalition LIH activated car an explosive device in the area of the city.

“This is what ISIS wants, says MosulEye. They want Iraqi forces attacked their attacks on the civilian population, to this end, they have it and use it”.

U.S. Central command said: “We are aware of reports that air strikes on Mosul lead to civilian casualties. The coalition has conducted several air strikes around Mosul, and we will share this information with our group dealing with civilian casualties, to conduct further investigation.”

Iraqi forces make their way in the densely populated old city, located in the West of Mosul, where under siege in an increasingly deplorable conditions are 400 thousand people.

Military officials saw that ISIS militants are hiding in houses of civilians, which the coalition forces unable to distinguish enemies from friends.

Among the civilian population, a rapidly growing cimla refugee, now a day leave the country for 8-12 thousand people, said Bruno Geddo (Bruno Geddo), the representative of UNHCR in Iraq.

“The worst is yet to come, if I may say so. Because in the presence of 400 thousand people trapped in the siege in the Old city in a panic and needs will inevitably lead to a breakthrough, followed by a new large-scale outflow of refugees,” — said Geddo.

The UN has warned that the civilian population risks — as the daring escape from the city, and staying in their homes.

Those who remain, the risk of being under mortar fire and air strikes, and the families of those who leave the city, can be injured or killed by the explosions of car bombs or sniper shots.

The latest deadly air RAID causes further concern about the new rules for U.S. combat operations, which is able to provoke a growth in the number of victims among the civilian population.

The administration trump has “accelerated” the process of resolving the air-raids, but as a result of the revision of the policy in this respect, the Pentagon can obtain the right to authorize the attack without presidential consent as the criterion of “almost complete certainty” that the attack will not be victims among the civilian population, can be changed.

Based in the UK Airwars organization charged with monitoring international strikes against ISIS, suggests that March was at least 400 cases of civilian casualties due to airstrikes of the coalition forces.

“We are deeply concerned by reports that the Iraqi government and coalition forces use tough tactics in Western Mosul, said Chris wood (Chris Wood), Director of the Airwars. — The US does not understate the number of victims, but they have not organized control in order to accurately assess the presence of civilians and the number of victims”.