Google employee called the secret of a successful interview

During the interview the employer is not interested in a potential employee answers to common questions about professional skills or attitude to work.

This was stated by the head of development projects of mobile platforms, Google Peter Roper, reports “New time”.

According to him, the answers to standard questions make it impossible to know and see its potential. Instead of questions about the professional shortcomings and merits of the candidate for a particular position should ask him about favorite color, the most incredible things that happened to make in life and place in the world where would like to visit.

Roper is confident that the questions on personal topics will help the interviewee out of the comfort zone and make the conversation more interesting.

“The issues are not as important as the conversation itself. Communication gives us a unique opportunity to truly understand what motivates people and what principles are important,” says Roper.

He also added that he believes the most productive employees are those people who are happy and calm:

“Our most productive employees are those who are happy in life. Happy people love my work and consider it an important part of my life,” he adds.

That’s why Roper believes the secret to a successful interview establish an emotional connection with a potential employer. It also encourages more open and to speak not only exceptionally professional, but also personal things, which will allow the potential employer to better understand the suitability of the candidate for a particular position and whether they could cope with its tasks.