The detainee cannibal said as tore her eyes from the 22-year-old girl

The court in the UK found out a new horrific details of the murder of 22-year-old Keris of IEM, which made a paranoid schizophrenic, just released from prison. So, for example, a man under the influence of amphetamine snatched the young girl’s eyes and ate a few pieces of her flesh – life.

22-year-old Keris of Yemm died from 89 horrific wounds, which caused her paranoid schizophrenic Matthew Williams: the man pulled out his victim’s eyes, bit off several pieces of her flesh and cut the leather girl is a piece of cookware. The tragedy happened in 2014 in South Wales. When the owner of the hotel, where he was killed by the Keris, found her, decided that her face was eaten by dogs.

Two weeks before his insidious plan 34-year-old man was released from prison, where he spent most of his life. He had 78 previous convictions including robbery, assault and drug offences.

Locking his victim in a hotel room, he took amphetamine and slowly taunted the girl until she died. The cause of death Keris steel heavy injuries to the head and neck. From the loss of blood she quickly lost consciousness.