Rossiyskie hi!*

Looks like the face of a heavenly body is facing away from the Rossiysky, exposing the highly spiritual to see its back. And in this case we are talking not about the United States, where a great friend of the Federation, almost Rurik in any one generation, and the honorary ataman of many kisacik sects, Donald trump, more and more confusing for those who yesterday was ready for him to kiss all those places, which he doesn’t allow kissing on even Melanie. We are talking about France.

As you know, in France, a rather strong Pro-Russian lobby and one of the vanes of the Kremlin in this country is Madame Le Pen. But, whether that is told, whether the Le Pen a loser in life, but her presidency this year, as in past, can not see. And I can not see for the reason that it is the 19% support the main contender for the post Emmanuel macron leaves far behind with its 29%. And the rhetoric of the Macron, a very nice and naveivaet a certain deja vu.

So, during the election debates Monsieur macron said “France should not get closer with Russia and to build its independent policy”. In addition, the macron is not going to compromise with Putin, and all because its aim is to strong France in Europe. Nothing like? And then catch one more quote: “I want to be a real President, not the Vice-Chancellor under MS Merkel”.

Oh, everything! Well, we’ve been through. The ocean one is already making “great America again” and the construction thereof, in the global geopolitical arena is impossible without the oppression of the smaller players trying their pawns on the Board to go out to the kings and building themselves big friends “great again”. However, in the Old world has its own history here, the hegemony of Germany gives rise to sentiments, inspires the creation of balances. Especially in countries where there is a certain cult of personality. For example, in the UK there is a cult of Thatcher and many politicians want to be like “Iron lady”. In France there is a cult of Degola strong and independent France as the Foundation meet their complex and aspirations.

But, strong France as part of Europe, which, to put it mildly, passes the last three years before Russia, it is primarily the rigid position in front of a potential aggressor. Therefore, greetings to the Kremlin from Le Roi Soleil!


*Spelling and punctuation — more