As an Italian at the Bazaar on the cheap found a wife

According to the presenter Paola Perego (Paola Perego) and worthy of the authors of the program “let’s Talk about it on Saturday” (not leaving on any pass-through channel, and Rai 1), Eastern European women represent for us, the Italians, the danger. As highlighted in the mandatory contributions to the program, this is mainly due to the fact that they discourage us men or, at best, are just perfect wives.

Among the guests invited to discuss such a topical theme, was attended by Fabio Testi (Fabio Testi), the famous “Latin lover”, which to a gynecologist, recently graduated from paid courses (and worst estimates), said: “If the Italians are any difficulties with the landing (as was said) with the Italian, so the man falls face in the dirt (who else Fabio?) If a Russian woman sees that a man cannot reach orgasm, then she feels guilty”. Well anyhow… Here they are, Eastern European women, bowed in impious prayer, that Fabio and his like men will appear in their life and give it meaning, because that is the only purpose for which they came into this world.

However, the amazing Fabio the irrefutable proof of the value of his words brings an undeniable proof, talking about the friend whom his bride specially carried in the Moscow public house of games together. In a decent respect for the age of my father (if he dared to voice such a thought aloud, he would sing at mom’s the voice of the castrato, Farinelli) old Fabio would be fit to do gymnastics for the back (as well as my father does).

He would have to perform and the authors of the program MS Perego. Because it is impossible to agree to the transfer, which the authors are unable to produce anything more meaningful than a list illustrating six of the alleged advantages of Eastern European women:

1) they all have children, but after birth regain a perfect figure;

2) always look sexy, never wear tracksuits and oversized pajamas;

3) forgive infidelity;

4) always willing to concede to the will of men;

5) are excellent Housewives and are trained from childhood to household cares;

6) do not whine, do not stick and do not sour min.

Paula, dear, in my opinion, apologies which were brought by the Director of the channel Rai 1 is the least I can do.

Now to the point: I know women from the East, South, West and even North, but I swear, if I showed any of them, regardless of their place of origin, a list created by the unspeakably brilliant minds of authors of the program “let’s Talk about this Saturday” they would look at me with that pity which usually unhappy madwoman. I’m not talking about stereotypes, the sad stereotypes about Eastern European women.

Like horror, which so far has been subjected to the spectator, is not enough, it takes Flavi Marta (Marta Flavi), not called from a just oblivion.

Leading “Marriage Agency” confirms the statement about the superiority of Eastern over Western European women, explaining that the first is always very well maintained, “even those who sell tomatoes in the market, manicured hands”. Yes, Martha, your return we just need.

Further, since we are talking about marriage agencies, the same authors thought to invite two owners of the Agency, husband and wife (of course, from the East), which was raised to the level of business practices of tow for the desperate, a fine honest man (Expat from Australia) married (compatriot) unmarried Ukrainian/Moldovan/Belarusian. Forget about good taste, common sense and even of the late Alberto Sordi.

We must not forget about those who managed to produce such a heap of machismo, sexism, racism. I wish them the best of the eternal punishment of the Siberian winters, where their beloved Eastern European women walking around in fur underwear.