The White house explained why trump does not shake hands with Merkel

Press Secretary of the White house Sean Spicer explained why Donald trump does not shake hands with Angela Merkel, despite her willingness to do so at the request of journalists. His words are quoted by Spiegel.

“I don’t think he heard the question,” said Spicer, noting that the whole situation occurred because of “misunderstandings”.

During a photo shoot at the White house reporters asked the American President and the Federal Chancellor of Germany shake hands. “Mr. President, can we shake hands?”, asked Merkel to Trump, but he did not respond to her question.

Many media came to the conclusion that trump is deliberately ignored Federal Chancellor, and the President was subjected to harsh criticism. Spiegel, in turn, noted that the White house, commenting on the situation, for the first time trying to dispel the unpleasant impression of the first meeting between the two leaders.

The trump wrote in his Twitter that carried with Merkel a great game. In Facebook he posted a photo, which shakes her hand during the press approach.