Nasirov said “the photo with the inmates”

The dismissed head of the State fiscal service (GFS) Roman Nasirov after questioning by the National anticorruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU) commented on the widespread online photo of him and his cellmates.

“The camera we have not been in the chamber. I think it is “mind” or montage” – said Nasirov.

Photo: Tatiana Vysotskaya/Facebook

Recall, March 16 in Roman Nasirov made a cash Deposit in the amount of UAH 100 million. This amount gathered his wife and father-in-law. On Nasirov wearing an electronic bracelet, he also needs to hand over the passport and obliged at the first request to appear before the magistrate.

Nasirov is suspected of abuse of office and embezzlement of public funds in the amount of over UAH 2 bn. The consequence considers that Nasirov, acting in the interests of the Deputy Onishchenko, the “gas business” were arbitrarily granted a number of enterprises the possibility of tax liabilities in installments.

As reported, the detectives NAB declared suspicion in Commission of crime the head of the SFS on March 2 in the evening, after which he carried out his detention in hospital “Feofania”. He is suspected of committing a crime under part 2 of article 364 (“Abuse of official position, entailed heavy consequences”) Criminal code of Ukraine.

On the night of March 7, Solomenskiy district court of Kiev chose Nasirova measure of restraint in the form of detention for a period of 60 days with an alternative of pledge in the amount of UAH 100 million. At the same time, Specialized anticorruption the Prosecutor’s office asked the court to appoint Nasirova Deposit in the amount of 2 billion UAH.

The Kyiv court of appeals on March 13 upheld the decision of Solomenskiy district court Nasirova on election of a measure of restraint in form of detention for 2 months with the possibility of bail of 100 million UAH.