Gerashchenko told how Ukraine to prevent the sale of looted Russia in ORDA

Raider seizure of Ukrainian property in nekontroliruem Kiev part of the Donbass is just one phase of the looting of the Ukraine by the illegal armed groups and Russia. This was stated by the representative of Ukraine in the humanitarian sub-group of the Trilateral contact group on the peaceful settlement of the situation in Donbas, first Deputy Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Irina Gerashchenko.

“The next step will be to attempt to sell products with depressed through criminal enterprises in other markets. ORDA and Russia want to sell the stolen Ukrainian products, first and foremost mining and metallurgical complex, coal”, – Gerashchenko noted.

Vice-speaker noted that in light of these developments, the Ukrainian government needs to develop “a rigid plan of activities, which will make it impossible povtornoe robbery of Ukraine and will not give a chance ORDA and Russia to trade stolen goods in foreign markets”.

“It is important that the government drew attention to the establishment of control over the issuance of certificates of origin provided all possible precautions against the ingress of the goods produced on territrii ORDO, to the markets of other countries”, – said Gerashchenko.

The MP proposed to notify the world trade organization and Russia that the yield of the stolen Ukrainian enterprises to third markets is a gross violation of international law and bilateral agreements.

Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman, in turn, said that Russian Federation will not be able to export raw materials mined in the occupied territories of Donbass and Crimea.

The head of the government noted that the origin of any product should be supported by documents from the manufacturer, however, no legal proceedings in the Russian-occupied territory of Donbas or Crimea can’t be.

Earlier, Groisman said that the energy and economic blockade of the Donbas occurred not in the interests of Ukraine , and threatened rapid economic growth.