TOP 5 products that should be excluded from the diet of women after 30 years

Experts in the field of healthy nutrition, a well-known nutritionists and dermatologists called five products, which you should give up every woman after 30 years – НВStyle.

Experts note that changes with age metabolism. In particular, the beginning of a new decade signals that you need to revise your diet to include nutritious and healthy foods that will participate in the fight against the aging process, but also exclude those foods that will negatively affect not only the shape but also on the overall health.

The American edition of My Domaine interviewed leading nutritionists and specialists in the field of healthy nutrition, to highlight five products that must be avoided after the age of 30 – especially women.

“As of the changing age, changing our metabolism. With age we need fewer calories but more nutrients, which will participate in the fight against diseases and of course aging. In other words, a list of our purchases in the supermarket should be changed as often as our age,” says Annie Kay, a well-known nutritionist.

White bread and sugar

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After 30 years, nutritionists recommend reducing the consumption of sugar, which contributes to inflammatory processes and harm our skin, adversely affecting its elasticity.

“If you celebrated your 30th birthday, you know – it’s time to forget about the sweet. Sugar is the main enemy of the youth. It promotes inflammation, damages the collagen and elastin that keep our skin firm and elastic,” says the expert in nutrition Lisa Davis.

She also notes that the rejection of the use of sugar includes the rejection of “hidden sugar”, which is found in many foods: “the average American consumes 31 teaspoon of hidden sugar a day!”, she says.

Davis also emphasizes that you should limit the consumption of white bread, which has no benefits for the body.

Diet drinks

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Nutritionists continue to insist that diet drinks are extremely unhealthy. So, the nutritionist and chef Tricia Williams States that he considers it a dietary drinks main enemy of women after 30 years.

“The most important is our enemy – diet drinks. Besides the fact that they cause cancer, they cause our body to experience a lot of stress, due to the fact that consuming such drink, our brain perceives it as sweet, and then produces insulin to metabolize sugar, which is actually not! This, in turn, a real disaster for our body,” she says.

Condiments and sauces

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Not only sugar negatively affects the skin’s elasticity and our health. Nutritionists and dermatologists have also strongly advised to eliminate consumption of sauces such as ketchup and mayonnaise, as well as careful attention to the variety of spices. In particular, we are talking about the seasonings with flavor enhancers and artificial flavors that are harmful to health.

“Replace the sauces and seasonings organic spices such as cumin, which helps digest or, for example, turmeric, which has powerful anti-inflammatory properties,” says Jill Javahery, consultant for healthy eating and a dermatologist.


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Stepped 30-year milestone should take into account the health of the colon and according to it to choose foods that should be consumed regularly. Liana Werner-gray, author of the earth Diet and an expert on nutrition says that after 30 years, women need to reduce the consumption of gluten and completely eliminate the pasta.

“Gluten is very hard for the digestive system. Our body consumes a lot of energy to digest it. Often gluten is poorly perceived by the intestine, leaving a feeling of usbtest – it says that the body is difficult to handle heavy and rigid gluten and that it needs food healthier,” she says.

Finished confectionery

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Los Angeles-based expert on healthy eating Sophie Jaffe advises to completely eliminate store-bought pastries, which contain TRANS fats and “zero use”.

“Our digestive system is the engine of vitality. And she needs a lot of nutrients and fiber for efficient operation. Cheap crisps and cakes, just reduce the absorption of vitamins and inhibit the digestive system. If we eliminate the fast food and ready pastry from the supermarket, we will provide access to more wholesome food and will improve health and increase energy level,” she said.