Tomorrow in the frontal area on record going teenager

Tomorrow in the Donbas planned to put an unusual, first of its kind record. In the village of Sergeyevka near Kramatorsk Kazreestr records wants to register the youngest Director of a private library. This “Today” said the representative of the organization Lana Vetrova.

Future champion — 13-summer Dima Różewicz. The boy can be considered an example of a life of resistance: despite the fact that Dima because of illness, confined to bed, he for a year and a half with the help of volunteers and caring people gathered around thousands of books and created my own private library!

He gives the book to read not only other children, but also share them with the school and rural libraries. Dmitry even has its own “signature” stamp, which he identifies publications to its library — it is engraved “Library Dmitry Różewicz”. The collection is mainly books for teenagers. The book of issue and return, the young librarian leads with the help of assistants, volunteers and caring people: the very boy to do it’s hard because of his movement hampered.

According to the curator of the book project and writer Eugenia Pie, it all started about half a year ago. “One volunteer noticed a sad boy with a disability and decided to help him. Dima proposed to collect interesting books, to promote reading in his village, and he agreed,” says Pie. Over time, the “directorship” in the library helped Dima to expand the circle: learn about an unusual boy, writers began to send him their autograph books, a dime Ukrainians write letters with words of support.

“The library has its own specifics, says Pie. — Dima doesn’t want to compete with the rural library. He, on the contrary, it helps. Dima believes that the way to make children between themselves. In this village of about 300 students. Remember touching the case: one of the girls liked any book. Dima noticed it and said firmly: “since I’m the Director, then give it to you”.

“Today” talked with Dimitri. He says his family have been preparing for the record and the guests — my mom already made myself a new hairstyle and made him clothes, and a younger sister — shined his shoes. To the question put books in the house, Dima said: “the House will soon burst! The record, of course, be prepared, I even could not even dream of. Most likely, will expand its library.”

According to the boy, his favorite genre — science fiction and detectives. “For me, each book is special. As library Director, I warn readers to treat them carefully,” — says Dima. His mother, Ludmila, smiling, says that for the sake of books the family had many things to carry to the attic, and the dishes from the cabinets to rearrange the boxes.

In addition, Dmitry has submitted to the local authorities the idea to make Sergeevka one of the most read villages. “The village head that he’s thinking of a similar library to do in other towns,” says Pie.