The real cause of the problem between Turkey and the EU

Everything so far mentioned, actually does not have any other meaning apart from the stories about the crisis. Frankly, the parties are also aware of this. After all, to uncover the facts in all their nakedness would be tantamount to a complete rupture of relations. At the moment no one wants, because no one is willing to chaos, which will create such a development.

In this regard, the crisis is limited to a few States, especially Turkey, Germany, the Netherlands, and electoral processes. However, as I mentioned in one of my previous articles, the crisis is not conjunctural but structural. It is fully associated with the reconstruction of the international system. In this regard, its main reason is the following: countries of the world return to its historical codes, nation is to the genetic!

Like other States of the world, especially China, Russia and Iran, Turkey is also returning to its historical codes. Therefore, other causes of the crisis in the relations between Turkey and the EU can be called “secondary.” Consider them in General…

First of all, we are talking about the split — new accounts within the West itself. The West is undergoing the disorder. When the United States began to lose the quality of the hegemon, the West became new candidates and candidates for this role. USA see this, and therefore, the EU — side, which does not enjoy the position of the USA, and even a rival for them.

In this regard, the crisis in relations between Turkey and the EU is essentially a reflection of the crisis that exists within the West itself. Turkey became a target player who cannot share in the struggle for influence taking place within the West and between West and East. At this stage, Western power in a number of habits and reflexes trying “to persuade” Turkey to keep it on your side or to pull on his flank. And, more precisely, attack.

The path to becoming a hegemon is through Turkey. Along with East West also understands this. The West’s position on the issue of Turkey is not as strong as before. The West lost the carrot in the face of the EU, which was a magic wand in his hands against the East, and, consequently, their competitive advantage. This is another reason why the West is caught in a struggle against the East and are not able to replace the EU like any other tool, began to pursue an aggressive policy towards Turkey.

Syndrome expiration date!

The West and especially the EU, the acute question of survival. The EU is not in a favorable position. The shelf life of the EU as a product of the cold war expired. The EU, which was unable to adapt to post-cold war period and to produce something new, to hide his helplessness, trying not to make concessions.

Moreover, the EU came under US control and became an instrument of the German “policy to the West.” As a result, he was in the position of the Union that does not wish even the United States. To combat the US and Britain, as well as to keep the EU at the feet of Germany needs the US ally — Turkey, and therefore Turkey makes it a target.

Resistance, collaboration, the rise, demonstrated by Turkey and the growing East-West lead to confusion and push him to aggression. In the XXI century the West is trying to retain a monopoly and to this end mobilizes all available funds. But it is necessary to motivate people. After all, we are talking about the EU that cannot motivate its citizens. For this he needed an ideology that would mobilize them.

The EU seems to have found new in the old!

To carry out this motivation on the basis of “values” that do not believe the EU itself, but trying to impose them on the world, it is impossible. Moreover, in the period after the cold war, the EU is experiencing a crisis of identity, and therefore it again needs “the other.”

Now it is clear that no “European” as surgicenters European Nations can not be. The fact that some of the concepts introduced as “EU values” not find response in European societies, can be seen in the growth of racism, xenophobia, Islamophobia.

Thus, later we will see a return to barbarism, decorated with “pseudo Christianity that” in the framework of the concept “nation — state”. Fascism is again rising value of Europe and the source of the threat to the world. This fact needs to see in the world and, of course, in our country…

The crisis in relations between Turkey and the EU it is useful to consider from this point of view.