Blockade of Donbas: why the decision was inevitable and what is the new reality

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko at an emergency meeting of the Council of national security and defence March 15 announced the temporary interruption of transport communication with the occupied territories of Donbass.

THREATS. “At the time we left the limited relations with the enterprises on the other side of the demarcation line… Not all, I emphasize, only those whose owners have found a way to stay in the legal field of Ukraine — said Poroshenko. But we have additional serious threats to national security in the last few weeks — due to the so-called blockade of Donbass, irresponsible, anti-state behaviour of its organizers and synchronized them with the actions of the occupiers. Offer of the national security Council to decide on a time full stop of transport, not just rail, of communication with the occupied territories. It will operate as long as the occupants do not come back, under the jurisdiction of Ukraine, stolen Ukrainian production.”

The President said that the government has provided for the establishment of mobile control groups with the involvement of the public and, in particular, of participants of operations. These groups will need to monitor the implementation of the NSDC decision on the demarcation line.

In addition, the President stressed that the actions of the blockade, which led to the suspension of freight traffic across the line of demarcation, “will cost Ukraine a lot of money”. “These accounts, we will exhibit not only self-proclaimed Republicans, but of “Samopomich”, “Batkivschyna” and the other instigators and promoters of the blockade,” — said the head of state.

At 13:00 on 15 March transport links with the occupied territories was blocked.

“Mnogohodovochka”. Political scientist Alexander paly told “Today” that the national security Council decision is justified and correct. “This decision was inevitable after the occupied territories of “DNR” seized businesses that work and pay taxes to Ukraine. The blockade, which was up to this point, has only helped Russia to seize these companies. It was a cunning mnogohodovok, allegedly organized by the patriots, but in fact provocateurs. I’m sure it’s all paid for, maybe through a third party, but the Kremlin — says paly. — As long as there were companies that Ukraine pay taxes, this decision did not make sense. Now, the enterprise captured, and trying to close the production cycle in Russia.”

The head of the Donetsk regional administration Pavel Zhebrivsky also supported the decision of the President of Ukraine and the national security Council. “This decision will relieve the tension in society and will put a lot of points. We are ready to fulfill all decisions of the Council, which will be assigned to us… Will be blocked in the freight traffic by railway and road transport,” explained zhebrivskyi.

LET HUMANITARIAN AID AND RESIDENTS. The Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov said that the civilians who cross the checkpoints of entry and exit, the decision of the Council is not affected. “The decision does not apply to citizens and their personal property… Applies to goods in commercial quantities, not sausages in bags to families,” — said Avakov.

“RETURN OF THE ENTERPRISE!” The inhabitants of the occupied territories of Donbass speak: in light of recent events — takeovers of Ukrainian enterprises by militants of the so-called “DNR” — it finally became clear that they were doomed.

“Three years, everyone knew that at the Ukrainian enterprises will always be a normal salary, bonuses and benefits. So people wanted to work there. Now, as I tell friends who worked at a factory, they offered a salary and a half times less than the previous one and no premiums. And the worst thing they need to write an application trudoustroistvo under the laws of the so-called “DNR”. Friends say that as if you’ve broken the only link which connected them with Ukraine. What to do — they don’t know. To go can’t hardly afford an apartment and to work for the militants do not want”, — said donchanka Irina Moroz. People hope for a miracle and the return of businesses to the former management.

Representatives of one of the chief occupations of Donbass — miners — most of them while I sit without money and free vacations. “Our mine for a week now idle due to the fact that coal is nowhere to go, the stores are stocked! shares of the miner Ivan mortar. — Wife works at the school, but on her meager salary we will not survive. We even have savings left, all have been eaten. So there’s the big question: how to live and how to feed a family?”.