Vladimir Putin — President of “hot girls”

Surrounded by a group of consultants, photographers, sound engineers and operators, and Vladimir Putin continues to thoughtfully work on their image, reflecting great attention to detail and giving it a believable look.


In particular, he intends to stand in the media as a man physically strong. Among other things, he is engaged in judo, hockey and swimming. He fancies himself a man of athletic and sports-signs, which are still distinguished leader in contemporary Russia. In Ancient Greece, Alexander the great, the heroic ruler of the sample, presented in the way of the athlete. He was a champion in wrestling, running, long jump, discus throw and javelin. Putin chooses the sports popular in his country. One stone kills two birds.

Images, films and official photos showing President during workouts and even in the locker room. We see the President sweating, puffing, smiling, then taking a serious look. An amazing combination of athletic, perfectly in possession of his body and the ordinary person — such a simple and close. No one helps him get dressed, he several times he ties their shoelaces. Sometimes he trains outside the city, although the Kremlin has everything you need for sports.

Putin also demonstrates his exceptional physical ability, hunting whales in the Pacific ocean or taming wild animals in a zoo in Sochi, which had previously been neutralized with the help of sleeping pills. Alexander the great was hunting lions; he also killed an elephant in India.

Hard Putin, Putin is soft

In fact, there are many different images of Putin. You can choose for every taste. Here he is bare-chested, virile, on horseback and armed to the teeth. This image should inspire men in search of adventure. But touching Putin feeds bottle-feeding cubs of animals. It is easy to imagine these charming images will appeal to kids! What is the universal seducer, that Putin!

Being a sort of macho, Putin also uses women to fill his price, especially during their election campaigns.

So in 2004, when he announced his candidacy for a new term, one maiden, the band released a song called “someone like Putin”. The video for the song vengeance is spinning on all television channels. Four years later, popular singer Natalie is very time rewrites the song. In the best Soviet traditions the clip shows beautiful women workers, dressed in overalls, but in high heels.


Since ancient times, the women have increased the legitimacy of the ruler. Many women were in love with Julius Caesar, a real sex symbol of that era, if you believe the Roman historian Suetonius. In Rome it was rumored that such exceptional charm Caesar owed his divine lineage — he was a descendant and a protégé of Venus, goddess of love and beauty. Charm, the ruler of God — that is what is called “charisma”.

Thus, all of these women’s hymns to the glory of the Russian President, specialists on public relations of the animate ancient legends connected with the advent of the rulers.

“Tear for Putin!”

During the presidential elections of 2012, two young girls, Natalia and Inna has organized women’s movement of fans of the President called “Army of Putin.” You can, of course, to question the spontaneity of the initiative, but at the same time impossible to question the real popularity of Putin among the population.


The movement consists of 4 thousands of participants, young and sexy, if you follow the modern criteria. The main activity of the fans is tearing t-shirts on the chest, depicting the portrait of their idol, decorated with hearts and words of love like “I love Putin”.


The girls posted a video explaining the purpose of their movement. They love Putin, he changed life in Russia and they are ready to “break him”. Diana shall be submitted by the student and sacrifices in front of the camera on my t-shirt that allows viewers to examine in detail the roundness of her Breasts. In this amazing short film mix sex, politics and light religious overtones, as Diana reveals, and Orthodox cross on his chest.

“Tear for Putin! “— the main slogan of the movement. To break means to show devotion to their leader, represented in the image of the ideal man — a serious and competent politician, handsome and Mature men. A true Declaration of love!

Demonstrate the “gap” held in a festive atmosphere and, of course, in public places — squares and parks.

Youth and beauty

Girls behave like teenagers. You might think that this is a parody. These demonstrations cause a lot of ridicule, but the overall goal is achieved. As already noted by Machiavelli, most men are judged on appearance. No matter what some girls are Actresses who get paid for it. The audience enjoying the show and the illusion of what is happening. Youth and beauty — the key to prosperity. Girls embody political Putin’s plan — the promise of success and happiness.

Vladimir Putin will once again participate in the elections in 2018. And even if it is another victory seems today already in the pocket, he will not leave attempts again to seduce the audience with a new political-erotic performances as unreal and as fascinating.