Depression distorts the brain – scientists

Scientists have found a correlation between chronic depression and the actual change in the brain. It turned out that the disease leads to thickening of the cortex.

In total, the study involved 80 patients. 41 subject experienced chronic depression, while 39 subjects signs of the disease were found.

Over 10 weeks some of them took a selective reuptake inhibitor of serotonin and norepinephrine, and the others a placebo. It is noteworthy that the drug caused significant improvement in the psychoemotional state of the first group of subjects.

The body of experimental actively respond like medication, and its absence. Patients with chronic depression placebo, the cortex was thick in some areas. Thus, the body sought to offset the impact of the disease, reducing the severity of symptoms.

In turn, took medication the patients cope with the manifestations of depression. Decreasing the level of stress released the cortex from the protective function, allowing it to return to normal.