At “Eurovision-2017” Kiev guarantees safety for its guests and participants

In Kiev welcome the excitement around the sale of tickets for the song contest “Eurovision-2017”, which will be held in may. And also the fact that to participate in it filed a record number of applications. The authorities and the public do not expect big problems with safety for the participants and guests of the competition, despite the conflict in the Donbass and the concern of the Russian side the attitude of Ukrainians to the artists from Russia.


Expectations and forecasts


According to preliminary data, on “Eurovision-2017” will come to Kyiv almost 30 thousand tourists. This forecast was made on March 6, the Deputy of city Council Oleg Petrovac at a press conference in the capital of Ukraine. In his opinion, it is expected about 20 thousand foreign tourists and from 7 to 10 thousand from other cities of Ukraine.


The Deputy said that to follow the competition for guests at the venue International exhibition centre and a number of fan zones in Kyiv parks and “Village” in the capital.


The organizers noted the high interest in the competition, which they explain with a record number of participants. According to officials, earlier it was observed only twice: in 2008 and 2011. Kyiv authorities hope to capitalize on “the Eurovision” to 600 million hryvnia (about 21 million euros).


Security assurances


Petrovets assured that the operational response of law enforcement authorities for possible conflict and emergency in the capital will install additional surveillance cameras: “of Course, security is extremely important. In addition to enhanced law enforcement, it is planned to install in city 4 thousands of cameras. 4 thousands of cameras already installed”.

The issue of security of participants and guests of “Eurovision-2017”, especially visitors from Russia, actively discussed in the Russian press. Impetus gave a recent transfer for the fall tour in Ukraine, the Russian singer Kristina Orbakaite. On the website of a company that sells tickets and tours, said that the concerts Aguilera is transferred “in connection with possible provocations on the eve of the song contest “Eurovision-2017”.


The Phenomenon Aguilera


Earlier, Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine Vyacheslav Kirilenko on his Twitter page expressed outrage tour Aguilera: “13 Jun 2014 Christina Aguilera has performed in the occupied Sevastopol. March 6, 2017, she will be performing in Kyiv. How can this be?!”


As explained by DW representatives of the government, Crimea is officially considered as an integral part of Kiev Ukraine. So, Aguilera, performing at a concert in honour of Day of Russia in Sevastopol, not only illegally crossed the Ukrainian border, but also openly supported the illegal annexation of Crimea by Russia.


In private conversations officials confirmed that the postponement of the tour, Aguilera is in no way affiliated with the upcoming “Eurovision”. “Why on the biggest stage of Kiev in the national Palace “Ukraine” — recently, quietly and without problems gave a concert Alexander Malinin? Because Kristina illegally traveled to the Crimea, and Sasha — no,” — told DW, one of the members of the government.


The public is peacefully


Interviewed community activists and politicians advocating for the revival of the Ukrainian language and culture have also been surprised by the hype surrounding the cancellation of the tour, Aguilera and attempts of the Russians accused Ukraine of failing to ensure the safety of participants of “Eurovision-2017”.


In interviews with DW they recalled that Donbas is 800 kilometers from Kiev. But even when in 2014 were clashes on the Maidan, the city lived a peaceful life, and 800 metres from the main square of the country in theatres performances were staged, which were attended by, in particular, and foreign guests.


At the request of the public organization “Vidsich” (“Otpor”), the security Service of Ukraine has made blacklisted a number of Russian cultural figures and politicians who advocated the annexation of Crimea and supported separatism in the Donbass. However, the activist of this organization Catherine Chipura in an interview with DW stated that “Vidsich” is not planning any action to “Eurovision-2017”.


“If members of the Russian delegation was not in favour of Ukrainian sovereignty, they will not have any problems. If Russia will try to bring to the contest artists, who were blacklisted, it will certainly cause rejection of society, but no threats of physical violence I do not expect. The protests will be, but within the law”, — said Chapura.