A society of looters

Russian sociologists from Levada Center released the results of a survey which show to be proud of their compatriots. These results are evidences of serious disease of the Russian society, besotted as official propaganda, and their own complexes — complexes of losers and “suffers”, has long been not able to seriously challenge their own criminal government to achieve competition in politics and Economics and also honesty in the media.

First place in the list of Russian pride is the victory in the great Patriotic war — so in a neighboring country called the Second world war, highlighting the history of the period when the USSR and Nazi Germany were not allies.

Of course, the victory over Nazism is a great event, even if to remember that on the territory of the Soviet Union and occupied countries of Europe five decades dominated regime, which can be compared with Hitler. But the fact is that modern Russians did not win. The youngest participants of war already well over 80 years, and live, these old people often is not in the best conditions. The majority of Russians the destiny of their veterans don’t care. They are much easier to walk with the portraits of dead relatives on the streets — it’s cheap and does not impose any responsibility for the living. And not by accident. To the victory over Nazism modern Russians have nothing to do. The Russians are proud of the past, as they have no real. And this ostentatious pride replaces the future.

Another confirmation of this thesis was the fact that the second line in such surveys invariably took the conquest of space — despite the fact that modern Russia is not at the forefront of space research and technologies of the Soviet era.

But this year, the space pushed the theft of Crimea. The fact is a modern event. But what is there to be proud? Treacherously — in the spirit of Hitler is an attack on a country that many Russian inhabitants are still called “sister”? Violation of international law? Repression and abuse in the Crimea? The Russians and did not notice that society is false cynics have become a society of looters.