Transat — new obsession

Perhaps your condition is very concerned about your wife. Maybe it’s bothering your head. They noticed a significant decrease in attention in the last few weeks. They insist that you have stopped to no end to read the New York Times and the Washington Post. And that you have turned off CNN. But if you are already firmly hooked, then stop reading Twitter.

Perhaps you yourself have already begun to ask myself, is it too much are you concerned about the ongoing scandal over ties to the administration trump and Russia. Now, from all sides pours on you as much news on this subject that you quite hard to resist this avalanche.

But do you need to read about all the new details contact Jeff and Roman sessions (Jeff Sessions) and Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak? Do you need to watch the entire interview of Paige Carter (Carter Page) as a whole, instead of having to read the edited piece, which is the assistant of trump admitted that he met with this gentleman from Moscow to the Republican national Convention?

Perhaps you’re concerned that hatred Trump — including your own — is already out of control. People are pissed off at. And, gripped by rage, they are looking for a victim among politicians. This is a very unpleasant sight. Perhaps you think that you should have to stop watching this soap Opera about trump and switch to some other object or activity. After all, everything will become clear and settled, even if you are not going to watch that, isn’t it?

And we answer: “no way!”

We can’t just put a VTR of the current crisis to the end of the season to watch. There are very good reasons to closely follow the performance, which takes place in Washington at the moment.

First, it is our history and it is happening right now. When the intelligence community began an investigation against his own President, suspecting him of colluding with a foreign dictator, the usual rules of conduct cease to operate. When you look at 2017, you probably won’t regret that you did not read the quarterly report, but you will regret that you did not pay attention to this crazy scandalous story, which happens only once in life.

Whatever the outcome of this story in the end — perhaps we will come to the conclusion that it was only a mistake and a result of misunderstanding and that there are very reasonable explanations of contact assistants trump with Russia, or become their here we are talking about treason of an incredible scale — at the end of our lives, students will ask us questions about this period of time. Grandma, tell me, do you remember the time when the Americans suspected their President in collusion with Russia?

Bigger than the Watergate scandal

For hearings on the Watergate case was watched by all country. 85% of Americans watched all or part of 250 hours of interrogation of John Dean (John Dean) and others. At that time it was a very controversial decision, and the Nixon administration threatened to deny funding for PBS, the channel was broadcasting these hearings. However, Americans looking soap Opera the Watergate case, which lasted the whole summer.

Representatives of all ages, creed and races sat down at the TV screens, and everyone was concerned about two main questions: what did the President know, and when he found out about it?

We are often reminded that if all information about relationships of representatives of the administration trump with Russia is confirmed as a result of an independent investigation, then scale this scandal will surpass Watergate. Because it would be a much more effective political penetration, as well as international attempts to conceal.

If it comes to the point when Congress asks a question about what the President knew and when he found out about it, let’s hope that the 85% of Americans will sit down at their TV screens. Otherwise, we let the hippies of the 1970-ies to outdo the us in civil consciousness.

So keep an eye on the unfolding drama now, it’s like watching the first season of the series, which becomes interesting only at the very end. Now built the basis of the story, so later you will have the opportunity to better understand its sharp turns.

The second and much more important reason not to abandon the observation of the course of the story now is that this is not a fictional story. This is not another season of “Game of thrones”, although what is happening now is a nightmare very similar. No, this horrifying story interactive.

Currently, no independent checks of the tax Declaration of the trump and its relations with the Kremlin is not conducted. They may not be. The reasons, which are covered by the Republican party, are becoming more ridiculous: on Thursday, one Congressman said that Congress simply has no tools to investigate the crimes.

All this means that the equivalent Senate Committee on Watergate is now working with an eye on the court of public opinion. While there are no prosecutors. No subpoenas. We are in a phase of Woodward and Bernstein. Only a few reporters and whistleblowers willing to take the risk and incur the wrath of the most powerful Executive in the world.

But their reports may well sink into oblivion. Only one attack — and they always leave the first page of Newspapers. It will be enough even declining public interest in the subject. If some of us will lose interest in the case, if all the noise around the Russian intervention we get tired, the investigation will collapse of itself.

In our age of current intelligence and short stories editors pay special attention to what we read and what is not. And reporters, as a rule, try not to cover topics that are not interesting.

So save your obsession with this subject, insist that the Congress continued to deal with it. If your spouse or boss will ask you what you do when you spend hours browsing Twitter, tell them that you are saving the Republic. In the end, you will be not too far from the truth.