The Ambassador, who was doing his job

The fact that the Ambassador becomes a sensation in the media of the country, usually means bad news for the country it represents.

This also applies to 66-year-old Sergei Kislyak. This career Russian diplomat, who is soon to retire, Russia’s Ambassador to the United States in recent weeks has been where, according to his job description, he ought not to be: namely in the center of attention of the critical press. And this despite the fact that he did not commit any mistakes.

On the contrary: mistakes made by his American sources. The national security Advisor, Michael Flynn, who was fired, did not tell the Vice President Mike Penny the truth about his meeting with Kislyak.

Yes, and the Minister of justice Jeff sessions lied at the hearings in the Senate, when he said that he also met with the Russian Ambassador in Washington. Now he’s struggling to cling to his job.

Based on the foregoing it can be easily concluded that Kislyak diplomatic obscurantist old Soviet school. But it’s not, if you believe most of the information provided by those who dealt with him. Kislyak is not the one who wears long dark clothes and glues a fake moustache when she meets her sources.

On the contrary, meeting with Sessom was held at the office of the then Senator in Congress. She was completely open, was by many of the staff and Roman sessions. The problem is that all this was known then, after the then Senator sessions under oath stated that he met with representatives of Russia, neither during nor after the election campaign, which led to the election of Donald trump President of the United States.

Now relations with Russia, which President Donald trump promised to “settle” — the most poisonous in American politics, and the fact that Flynn and sessions lied.

So do not remain without attention and the news that Flynn and son-in-law and adviser to trump Jared Kushner met with Kislyak in Trump Tower in Manhattan, and that Kislyak met there also with Sessom what the White house said on Friday.

Russia — as a sore subject that the administration of the trump this time chose to break the news herself. And now nobody is lying. But what was the topic of the meeting?

They were devoted to establish contacts with the headquarters trump, establishing contacts and obtaining information about what the administration was thinking of trump. For Kislyak to be taken so early and at such a high level was a professional triumph.

But there is nothing particularly surprising, if we recall, trump praised President Vladimir Putin and his hints that he, if elected President will lift sanctions against Russia. Russia was selected to be a priority for trump, but the point of this project was to be Flynn.

The Russian had great access to the team trump. The German foreign Ministry, for example, for a long time was in frustration, because the Germans failed to make contacts with the people trump.

But what was the real cause of numerous meetings of dubious people trump since September of last year, when trump became a candidate for the Republican presidential nomination? The most radical is the assertion that the meetings were somehow associated with what U.S. intelligence calls the Russian hacker attack on a computer program of the Democratic party.

In this case, first of all, is blatant criminal activity on the part of Flynn, and Roman sessions and Kouchner.