Horoscope for March 5-11: the Lions need to reconnect with the family, and the Capricorn is not to criticize anybody

ARIES. Labor front requires tireless enthusiasm, but fatigue is contraindicated. The amplitude of the action “work-rest” should be clearly debugged. If you are in a state of frustration, shortage of vitality, properly organize the work and rest. For healing, it maintains harmony of physical and mental health a useful post-and eradicate bad habits.

To become a spiritual corpse, multiply virtue, activate a spiritual self-examination, pray, attend religious temples. It’s time to cleanse the heart from the destructive passions, grudges, spitefulness. Let go of Intrusive destructive thoughts, forgive the offenders, then you will be forgiven your sins.

Now you can feel the “echo” other incarnations, interwoven with the reality of the present, their untapped potential sitting in the subconscious and waiting for awareness. It is like the iceberg, most of which is hidden under the surface.

Be sure to serve alms to the needy, to show sensitivity and compassion towards others. You have the cleaning power of compassion.

TAURUS. Love set a tuning fork in a new way to inhale sensually fresh momentum in the relationship. Give me a chance darling to show their best side, not cutting off his wings educational lecture. Let working. Set a common goal and hard to see her go, exchanging experiences, helping each other, realizing mutual interests. It’s time to resurrect the ruins of the plans that had been hope earlier.

Relationships with women, the theme of love and care has a karmic nature, something not finalized at the time. In the period from 4 March to 14 April have to repay debts.

Taurus men, if you will, the temptation from the previous incarnation, the beloved can not be attached. “Dolomite” secretly and set point.

GEMINI. Around electrified atmosphere that hinder professional calling, to act in concert with our partners in taking strategic decisions. Here we need a creative campaign, art psychologist and a mobile response to unpredictable task of guiding. Fortunately, you possess a keen intuition and will be able not to be trapped.

Family, domestic issues — the crucial, you cannot ignore them, will harm the future.

Strengthen the bonds of marital friendship and love. This is the most burning topic, where feelings are running high. The test of maturity in the Union continues. Your task is to become a model Swan couples whose hearts beat in unison.

“Vybryki” and the ambitious claims of the pious think quietly, this is a provocation of the evil one, eager to pull you into a sinful conflict.

CANCERS. Outlook progresses, revise and improve the old philosophy of life. What is the meaning of your mission on this Earth, why and why here live, learn, suffer, work? What ideals are you attracted to?

Meditate and synthesizing the experience, knowledge, create a platform of beliefs. Otherwise, you will become a victim of false truths. You are a righteous fighter for honesty and a higher justice, if life was shameful cases of abuse, it’s time to purge them, to teach others wisdom, to enlighten the erring heart.

The service is not easy, it builds the machinations of the evil one. But if your profession is a creative vocation, you love her, don’t be afraid, work hard, earn, keeping pace with the times. Slow down the progressive rate — will be for “Board”.

Comfort will always find my abode, here there is grace.

LIONS. The chance to climb in a pair of betrothed to the Olympus of love high. Will he be able to hold on, blissfully waltzing to the melody of Heavenly harmony? Certainly Yes, but subject to a maximum commitment. Nothing should be spared: no heart, no body, no purse. Generous sensual and material signs of attention are very much appreciated. You are required loved one, do not disappoint with the nobility — one good turn deserves another.

Respect explore the world in all its diversity, capitivate fertile information. Meet contact with people of high culture, rich spiritually. They are close, inspire, enlighten. Having received a portion of knowledge, joy will share this wealth with others.

With relatives, friends, neighbours, you should restore your connection.

VIRGO. In the relationship “I — you” the degree of tension rolls. Will not turn into an aggressor. The temptation to act according to the principle of “divide and conquer” is very high and carries a fatal destruction. Harmoniously fits into the demands of reality, keeping pace with the business, a marriage partners. And most importantly — get rid of destructive habits, excessive demands, unreasonable claims. This hinders the development.

Be generous, not be stingy, after all, live in prosperity (financial fortune smiles), can show off. Now given the Heavens with a vengeance, not only for yourself, loved ones, and to share with those in need.

If on the personal front, bad in the family uncomfortable, are rampant disagreements with the household, most likely it indicates “skeleton” in your closet…

Do not grumble, and work on the role of an exemplary family man.

LIBRA. The feeling that you have landed here from a different reality — not a figment of the sick imaginations. In fact, you are given the chance anew to live some long-standing problematic situation, to correct previous errors.

Again not to sin, take responsibility in the work and creative combustion. Service who will become easier. Will (duties, powers, tasks) that you intended, and the waste will go.

Hide the hatchet and stay longtime allies. Now all the secret is going to unravel, becoming the starting point for further action.

SCORPIONS. Being in hypnotic thrall to the boss, you should know to master your heart, pushing into the embrace of passion, it difficulties will not make. But… This theme has been developed and is not included in the program of fate. Control yourself and do not despair. A relationship build on a friendly note. You are a brilliant worker, able to give all colleagues the odds. And make good money, not disdaining any work.

The main thing — not to put forward a financial ultimatum (the devil lurking in the material of interest, testing for corruption). Succumb to the temptation — get a donut hole.

Do charity, because (until June 9) you have a listed a karmic debt. Good making gratis, interacting with a large flow of people, you amplify the channel of intuition, the mind brightens.

ARCHERS. How to simultaneously hold on to two chairs at home and work? Otherwise all the plans will blow up. Seek everywhere, showing sympathy and friendly solidarity towards colleagues, family members. Clever use of official powers for the welfare of the family.

The last year and a half of vertical “run-by”, “parents-children” is the key to your life. The slightest spontaneous “deviation” (in family, at work) from moral principles and destruction is inevitable. Followed by a fatal punishment.

It’s time to reorganize and give a boost to the family business. Appreciate and pray for old friends, demonstrating by example their devotion and generosity.

Your behavior under the microscope of the public, the slightest puncture and… shame, everything is fixed. Clearly control every word, gesture, or become a victim unclean.

CAPRICORNS. Do not dare to criticize anybody, “brainwash” these verbal direction use zero. Now the UNIVERSITY life itself, it enlightens, teaches literacy (where you own teacher and mentor). Brings a subtle psychologist who can find the key to men’s souls. The main thing — not to fall under the hypnotic influence and not become a puppet. However, those persons with whom you are not on the road, out of the way, leaving the bitter experience of the joint relationship.

Enjoy home, family, improve old skills. Here you have reached the peak of their prosperity.

And remember about the hidden vices. They are in the form of the machinations of secret enemies, to be understood and eradicated, but can hurt their career.

AQUARIANS. Do not whine and cherish in the heart of the sacrifice and mercy, then there will bloom in the spiritual garden, you will be loved and cherished. Burn from the soul with a hot iron envy, vicious slabinki, let the wealth of others does not touch you to the quick. This is a restricted area. And certainly if everyone else is.

The process of impact is through the fulfillment of other desires. Specifically, you will be given only what they deserve. Disable the “counter” benefits, hoisting spiritual values on the pedestal. Then the reputation of a pious person will persist for a long time.

To sit in one place cannot move, visit cultural-historical places, shrines. The tourist business is the most profitable.

ukrmoneta.netДуховное transformation is in full swing. Tested programs that “fail” by knocking with the correct progressive rhythm, burn out, bad habits disappear. You rise again, renewed in spirit, but to start on their own way will fail only subject to the requirements of others dictated their rules, where the confrontation of interests culminates.

Business, professional activity under the shelling of the forces of Darkness that threaten to dislodge you from the “saddle” your favorite things. If officials succumbed to temptation, so the head of you bad.

Not motolite the eye boss, no one positivite for the money. Now it will become clear who is breathing, who is with you, who can be against you.