The White house confirmed that the son of the tramp in December, met with the Ambassador of the Russian Federation – NYT

Former national security adviser of US President Donald trump, Michael Flynn and son of the American President Jared Kushner met with Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak in Washington in the “trump tower” in December last year. This was reported by press Secretary of the White house hope Giks, reports The New York Times.

“They discussed the relationship, and it made sense to establish a line of communication,” said Giac.

Reportedly, the meeting lasted only 20 minutes, and Kouchner has not since met with the Russian Ambassador.

Earlier, the former adviser to the campaign headquarters of U.S. President Donald trump Carter Paige confirmed that his meeting with Russia’s Ambassador to the United States at the national Republican Convention in Cleveland in July 2016.

As you know, Michael Flynn resigned as adviser to the President of the United States national security. A message about Flynn’s resignation came after, as the Washington Post and the Associated Press Agency (AP) reported that the U.S. justice Department issued a warning to the White house that Flynn put himself in a compromising position because of the contact with the Russian Ambassador to the United States.