In his speech, trump used a new tactic to lower the tone

Then, if it works, he tries something completely different. This change was well received by the appeal of trump to Congress on Tuesday evening, in a conciliatory speech in which the word “we” is superior to the word “I” in the ratio of three to one. Just last week, trump shouted themselves hoarse, calling the media the “enemy of the American people” at a time when he was working on the appeal, which appealed to the best sides of his character, national unity and the “end of trivial battles.”


It’s not a sudden change, not a fundamental change in approach, and this does not mean that trump plans to abandon his signature style, “first, write on Twitter, ask questions later”. But this recognition of the White house (trump) that their actions are ineffective, and that a softer tactic to impose the same strict populist plan, which he said during the campaign, according to people close to the Trump staff.


“It was not a speech for reload”, — said the press Secretary of the White house Sean Spicer, to journalists on Wednesday, as the team trump enjoyed the best news of all time, after taking office, 41 days ago. “People don’t realize how quickly it can learn trump — and he was moving quickly — so he will use different approaches,” said newt Gingrich, the former speaker of the house of representatives, an ally and adviser to trump. “He started with a certain set of attitudes and assumptions, and gradually determine which ones are worth keeping and what to leave out,” said Gingrich. “On Tuesday, he was on top because he knew that looking at him the country. This does not mean that next Tuesday against him will protest 20 thousand people, if he chose a different tone.”


It is striking that the tone of the President which trump chose on Tuesday was an important political step for the commander in chief, who was faced with the lowest ever approval ratings and skepticism on the part of other Republicans. Republicans in the Senate and the House of representatives welcomed the optimistic message of the President. But, behind closed doors, they are increasingly concerned about the unwillingness of the administration to submit a detailed plan to repeal and replace the affordable care Act help. Republicans also want to see a more specific project budget and brief description that appeared last week, the infrastructure package of $ 1 trillion, which is still in the stage of theory, as well as a vague proposal to reduce taxes for corporations.


Some Republican senators said privately that the nationalist notes on illegal immigration still slipped in the speech, despite all the mitigation. Democrats were even less supportive. “Come on; there was no rotation, and will not be,” said Senator Chuck Schumer, Democrat from new York, the minority leader. “It was not as sharp as some others, but he spoke mostly about the same things we always do. Policy on migration and other issues is still terrible.”


According to current and former employees of trump’s speech on Tuesday was designed on the basis of the inaugural address, which was supposed to be short and businesslike. She had to show how eager trump expects his plan “America first”, which provides a quick exit from the TRANS-Pacific partnership and strengthening border security. Realizing that trump will speak to the largest television audience after the inauguration, his team (under the leadership of chief strategist Stephen Bannon; chief adviser on matters of policy, Steven Miller; and speechwriter Vince Haley, with the participation of Advisor to Kellian Conway, his press Secretary hope Hicks and several others) struggled, tried to soften his often provocative speech.


And they were pleased with the contrast between his sharp improvisation at the Conference of the conservative political action last Friday and its a decent performance on Tuesday. All this demonstrates the political spectrum trump, said a source close to the team. Trump also resisted any desires of improvisation. But trump has faced serious challenges, which may soon Eclipse the success of the speech and the weekly schedule of subsequent events throughout the country involving the President and Vice-President Mike Pence.

Two people briefed on how it was created, it trump, said the lack of detail was intentional evasive maneuver, in the speech he used the phrase in which different groups could hear what I wanted. This would give the President more time to change the impression that his White house is understaffed and in chaos. But none of the ten people close to Trump, did not expect that the President will retain a moderate tone of graciousness in speech. Inside the White house, the success of the treatment (three-quarters of respondents polled by CBS approved of the speech trump) met with relief, especially after several weeks of controversy over reports about the relations of the President of Russia, the breakdown of its immigration Ordinance and the resignation of his national security adviser Michael Flynn.


The question is when and whether at all trump your daring, shocking style to a more balanced and traditional approach. And this problem haunts former businessman from his first presidential campaign. About turns was almost the same as real crises.


It was expected that trump would choose a softer approach after the fall of last year there was a record of “Access Hollywood,” where he let obscene comments about women. But after a brief statement of remorse he returned to the attack. The point that was closest to the change in tone on Tuesday evening, occurred on election night, when trump called for unity and end to the vicious political war, which he so vigorously conducted. “It’s time for America to heal after a split — we must unite,” said the stunned winner his supporters in Manhattan that night.


“All Republicans, Democrats and independents across the country, I say it’s time for us to unite as a single nation. It’s time”. But over the next few months, trump often resorted to harsh and darker tone in interviews, speeches (often improvised) and Twitter. He can’t afford that approach now when moving to a tougher, more public process for legislative programs through Congress.


On Wednesday, trump — who loves to stay in front of the cameras before the ceremonial events of the White house — pushed the news media from the Roosevelt room in about 30 seconds to start your first real negotiations with Republican leaders, including speaker Paul Ryan and Senator Mitch McConnell (ky) majority leader. “We are here to begin the process,” said the solemn voice of a trump. “It starts right now.”