Discrimination in the workplace: how to violate the rights of Ukrainians in search of work

In the twenty-first century, the issue of equality needs to be solved at 100%, but it is not so. Almost half a thousand Ukrainians agreed to honestly and anonymously answer questions rabota.ua about how if they had had to face discrimination.

It turns out that 57% of respondents admitted that they had experience of discrimination at work.

Almost half of the respondents, in their opinion, were unfairly denied employment. Another 50% have suffered discrimination in the process of work. A third of respondents find signs of discrimination in the job description and 12% even had to resign because of discrimination.

This files most often have been discriminated against Mature candidates because of your age-55% of the respondents indicated the discrimination as a dominant. 45% indicated gender as a variant of the discrimination in their case. 16, 7% consider discrimination issues and failures due to the presence or absence of children.

Despite the exercise of discrimination, its “victims” are in no hurry to restore justice. Only 44% of those who indicated that they had been discriminated against, attempted to resist discrimination.

The majority had to fight for their rights. Not always trying to appeal to the leadership was successful and effective.

Another sad figure – 61% of survey participants the result of their struggle against discrimination was absent. Only 14% can boast that they were able to defend their rights. Often the employer admitted guilt, but it did not lead to the desired result – both in career terms and financial. More often, the survey participants were retired or they were fired.

The main cause of failure to recognize the unbelief of our respondents in the possible establishment of justice. Some do not consider it possible or I do not know how to defend their rights. Some respondents simply do not want to waste your time and energy on the restoration of justice as a fight against windmills – vacancy not to, and even if to prove the point, the “work force, you will not, will survive.”

This is not the only case: “it should be Meni Bulo Smythe become dwellers’m not zapytali about future samija the decree?”, – asks another participant of the survey.

Summing up the survey, it should be recognized that the issue of equality and non-discrimination is painful for candidates. Understanding hopelessness of the struggle and ignorance of basic mechanisms of self-protection – this is the feedback that we received in the survey.