What “Siberia taught” German sex refugees

In mid-December, Russian media reported good news: a German family consisting of 12 people moved to Siberia. According to Eugene and Louise of Doc ‘ Martins, (Eugen, Louise Martens), they escaped from Germany to Russia who respects the traditional values because I was unhappy with mandatory “sexual education” in schools in North Rhine-Westphalia. The Newspapers dubbed a “sexual refugees”.

On the morning of 27 February on the page of the news Agency of the Novosibirsk region Vn.ru there was a sensational news from the village of Kyshtovka, with a population of 5 thousand people: “sexual refugees” fled from Siberia without explanation.

The editor of the local newspaper in kyshtovka, familiar with the situation told about the incident in the newspaper “Moskovsky Komsomolets”. Most of the residents accepted their new neighbors with open arms, but there were exceptions. Teenagers portrayed the Nazi salute, passing by the homes of the Germans.

The house in which lived a large family, too, was not perfect: in fact, nobody’s lived there for many years. The plans of the head of the family for the purchase of tractors and agriculture is faced with challenges of land lease. The lack of language skills limited social interactions and hindered the education of children in school.

A village located 400 kilometers from Novosibirsk on the Bank of the Tara river, is located approximately at the latitude of Copenhagen, that is not in the permafrost zone. However, the last straw, it seems, turned out a frost, which fell in February to 40 degrees.

The Finns, of course, thrilled, as the “Siberia taught the Germans” (a Finnish saying “Siperia opettaa”, “Siberia teaches”, means that some things a person begins to understand only by going through hard times; a reminder of the times of the Grand Duchy of Finland, when the Finns were exiled to Siberia for misdemeanors, approx. TRANS.). We have quite a lot in common with the Germans.

Family of Doc ‘ Martins, may be an extreme case, but they represent the huge group of Europeans who are tired of equality and tolerance. It can afford only the elite and curry favor with the elite Compromisers. Traditional values must be respected!

In Europe, accelerating what was already in the 1930s: a loud-voiced group of trouble-makers determines what to say and how. Then did a serious face and talked about “the Jewish question”. Now in the same way talk about foreigners.

The Doc ‘ Martins believed in what was written in the papers: Russia profess traditional values. Mostly it was just empty words. Quoting Additionally Vainio (Junnu Vainio, popular Finnish singer), “to what was the point of no return”. It makes sense to trust the poet of Kotka: you should not tempt fate and hope that “Siberia teaches”.