Trump in a nest of spies and the “Russification” of America

Robert Littell (Robert Littell), former American journalist and famous author of spy novels (for example, The Company: A Novel of the CIA), acknowledges that the President is the child (or the trainee), as he calls Donald trump might be shifted as a result of infidelity on the part of the intelligence community, with whom he is feuding after the sensational comparison of U.S. to Nazi Germany.

The same happens with the judicial system and the media, who are regularly subjected to insults from the head of the state: as recently as last Friday, at least eight information portals, among them CNN, The New York Times and the BBC, were not admitted to a briefing at the White house. There will have by the way a reminder Littell: the intelligence community consists of 17 agencies or organizations, including, the CIA and the NSA — which employs 850 thousand employees. You heard right, 850 thousand!

Having made enemies, trump did not consider that the existing link between them may accelerate its fall. Says Littell the article, translated by Le Monde, “the Washington journalists, who for many years maintained a relationship with the intelligence community, the nose can smell the new Watergate. They for many months and even years will provide himself a piece of bread, if they manage to strike at the ego of Donald trump or, better yet, convince the silent Republicans elected to the House of representatives to put country above party and release of the President from office”.

Littell says: “Donald trump is in a pretty difficult position. It is known that for many years he sells real estate to Russian millionaires. It is known that he is trying — so far unsuccessfully — to introduce its brand in Moscow (in China lucky he is noticeably larger: now that the US President has declared his support for “one China policy”, Beijing provided his company with the opportunity to use the Trump brand in China). By refusing to publish their own tax returns — unlike all the other presidential candidates in the last 40 years — Donald trump is fueling suspicions that his business Empire is funded by Russian banks. The fact that the President is in no hurry to criticize human rights violations in Russia and refuses to accept the intervention of the Kremlin in a positive outcome for him for the election and the number of people from the presidential entourage that support questionable relations with Moscow… cause explicit disapproval”. In addition, the us intelligence community “confirmed, despite denials trump, the presence during the presidential campaign of regular contacts between the leaders of the Russian special services and members of the team trump”.

That is what draws the attention of a columnist for the New York Times Roger Cohen (Roger Cohen): “When trump there is a rapid Russification of America. Brutal authoritarianism of Vladimir Putin, his contempt for the press and shamelessness in the face of truth is now settled on the banks of the Potomac.” Despite attempts to distance themselves and behave in a more restrained, made Vice-President and defence Minister during their recent visits to Europe, an increasingly chaotic trajectory policy trump is not able to provide even the slightest coherence and consistency in the work of the administration. Besides, they have no confidence.

After a few weeks ago the adviser of the President of Kellyann Conway (the originator of the term “alternative facts”) invented a nonexistent terrorist attack in Kentucky, and the trump recently referred to the terrorist attack in Sweden, which does not know even the Swedes themselves — and all in order to justify the current crusade against immigrants — White house madness seems to have no limits. The more they lie, the harder to deny the facts and have stronger beliefs in their own lies. They see themselves only in a parallel reality of imaginary facts, and in the end so they sure be their hostages. But Littell warns: “Even if trump doesn’t make it to the end of his first term, if American democracy is to emerge from this adventure unscathed? Or she will be irreparably disfigured campaign, and then this President’s rule-the baby?”