Russia has FETÖ?

We are in Moscow on the occasion of the panel discussion, organized by the Club of authors of Sabah in the relevant capital of the world.

Moscow — the important centre, not only from the point of view of Russian-Turkish relations, but also for a new world that is involved in the chaos.

Besides me, the panel discussion, held in the building of the Union of journalists of Moscow under the moderating editor of the newspaper Daily Sabah caragata of Serdar (Serdar Karagöz), was attended by senior adviser to the President of Turkey Ilnur Cevik (Ilnur Çevik) and browsers Sabah: Fahrettin Altun (Fahrettin Altun) and Alkyne Kerem (Kerem Alkin).

In the discussion on the theme “Russia and Turkey: from the period of tension to deepen cooperation” was touched upon many topics, from the attempted coup of July 15, 2016 to the Kurdish question, from the civil war in Syria to the political and economic future of the new world. I must emphasize that in comparison with other countries the Russian interest was much deeper, sincere and significant. From the Russian side were representatives of the media and governmental and non-governmental organizations.

Therefore, the list was long enough. Representatives of many institutions and the media, from the Institute of international relations, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow University, Russian Institute of strategic studies, asked so many questions about Turkey, because of the lack of time we unfortunately had to cut the questions in half.

If we talk about what it was attracted the interest…

Cause Turkey and Russia Eurasian Union, does Turkey have a roadmap in the Kurdish question is whether the development of Russian-Turkish relations to grow terrorism, as is the fight against ISIS (banned in Russia — approx. ed.) — these issues have caused the greatest interest. Of course, we answered questions from their perspectives.

The answers also found a positive response.

But what we did not expect and that all of us were extremely surprised, was the situation of the terrorist organization FETÖ of Fethullah Gulen (Fethullah Gülen) in Russia.

The topic is important, and we believed that the impact FETÖ in Russia is less than in the EU.

But it turned out that it is not so. In addition, the question followed in the spirit of perception, formed in EU countries: what are the crimes committed Gulen and is there any evidence of a coup attempt on 15 July?

The preservation of this perception, and even in Russia, despite the bullets fired at people in the night of 16 July, the bombing of the Parliament building F-16 fighter jets, the capture of gulenists red-handed, not to mention their past deeds, the mind boggles. The reason for this we learned from the Director of the Moscow branch of all-Russian Azerbaijani Congress and head of the Foundation for the Development and revival of Azerbaijani culture Shamil Tagiyev.

According to him, schools FETÖ were closed only in Tatarstan, but not in all of Russia. Representatives FETÖ still have influence in the University environment, as well as NGOs and the media.

About how it happened, Tagiyev told the following:

“Gulenist active here since 1998. They arrived here in 1993 from Azerbaijan and Istanbul. The first thing they did was to penetrate to the Azerbaijan Diaspora.

They seized the Diaspora from the inside. So they have a lot of people in universities and in other educational venues. In those years, were closed schools in Tatarstan. And here they launched the school under a different name. They act on behalf of the centers of Russian-Azerbaijani solidarity.

They were leaked to the party suborganization.

They still have the “House of light” (places in which we live and study followers “Jamaat Gulen” — approx. TRANS.), I know because I’ve been in this house. Businessmen continue to provide financial support.

Any effective struggle with all this is not conducted.

Of course, in Azerbaijan they are stronger.”

As you can see, FETÖ is not only in those countries which are in the coverage area of the United States, but even Russia, which were closed schools FETÖ, and President Putin is taking an open stance in this matter. Fighting FETÖ should not be neglected.

We thank the Director for corporate communications Sabah Fegir the Alptekin (Fecir Alptekin), which hosted the event, as well as the Department of press and information for your contributions.